Atheros Full Race Atheros Full Race

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Sherman2, 2005-06-05

Atheros Full Race Mod. This Adds the Atheros a race I invented to your game, it includes all necessary Stations and Ships, The Class Names are "Familar" to the A2files Staff Tongue you'll see what i mean when you play it Wink Enjoy. This Replaces stuff so back up your files, it was tested on stock 1.1 a2. My File So all you can rate it.

Atheros Full Race Mod.

Run the installer into your A2 Folder.

Ship List:
Meda Class
Lancer Class
Mr Gregg Class
Helix Class
Delta Class
Guyver Class
Mattalorian Class
FileTrekker Class
Breslin Class
Greenfield Class

All Station are Equivalent to there counter parts of other races, Exept The SuperWeapons.

Models: Sherman2
Odf: Sherman2
Textures: Sherman2
Work: Sherman2
Blood: Sherman2

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#11 SHERMAN2 2005-06-07 08:52
I'm Afraid i'm not to good at texturing, Modeling is good, but texturing is bad :roll:

i've been trying to get incontact with Raven Right, but with no luck so far, :o I Forgot ProFiler! i must make a patch :P
#12 Achilles 2005-06-07 09:42
I made a tutorial for texturing if it helps, it is available here at a2files.

Also you took that very well, I reread my post and figured it sounded a bit harsh. My full respect and admiration, I Hope I take such critism as well as you did.
#13 SHERMAN2 2005-06-07 10:19
I Read MaPs post, and i kinda forgot lol, oh yea :mad:

#14 michealbrowning79 2005-06-14 22:19
ok i downloaded this mod and to be honest i am having to do some modding to get it to work . i have tryed a fresh game and a fresh mod but i have had very little success getting it to work on my game nice thought thou keep up the work but look for bugs.
#15 HCE_MMZ_TS3 2005-10-20 18:00
the only problem i had was it is really slow(kind of like lag , but REALLY BAD). i was wondering if you could make a patch for this. Dont get me wrong but it still needs work.
#16 delta1135 2007-01-29 18:06
Great work, however it could use more detail.

I'll give it an 8
#17 delta1135 2007-01-29 18:08
i forgot to add a smily in my comment above s here it is: Drink

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