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Map.png Armada I Federation Campaigns for Armada II

(10 votes)

This is a collection of 4 campaigns from Star Trek Armada I that have been redone for Star Trek Armada II.

 Luke20 2005-08-01   269.24 KB 2,578 Comments: 17

Map.png Azati Prime 1.0

(2 votes)

Hey, remember the Enterprise episode "Azati Prime?" Well, this map is loosely based off of that episode.

 USS_Pathfinder 2004-10-10   1.75 MB 1,323 Comments: 1

Map.png Delphic Expance Map (1.0)

(6 votes)

Star Trek Enterprise - Delphic Expance, a nice looking map courtesy of Luke20

 Luke20 2004-01-25   129.66 KB 1,547 Comments: 8

Map.png Delphic Expanse Map 2.0

(2 votes)

New delphic expanse mod, however this needs other mods in order for it to work

 Luke20 2004-03-15   172.40 KB 1,539 Comments: 6

Map.png Imperial Single Player Addon for ST VS SW

(3 votes)

A few SP missions for ST VS SW

 MisterBlud 2002-09-04   169.84 KB 1,640 Comments: 1

Map.png Nimbar System

(2 votes)

This is a map for the Star Wars: Fleet Command mod. Enjoy .

 Cpt Geddes 2003-06-19   19.04 KB 917 Comments: 1

Map.png Star Trek Nemesis Mission 1.0

(4 votes)

This is the battle from Star Trek Nemesis (Well not a good one) This includes the battle in the Bassen Rift.user submitted review by starfleetcommand

 starfleetcommand3 2008-05-22   37.61 KB 939 Comments: 4

Map.png The Next Generation Mission Pack v1.0

(12 votes)

Now this is one of the coolest thing's i have seen from a mission pack. This is a collection of new missions that allow you to take part in events tha…

 paulhanselluk 2005-08-23   1.48 MB 3,025 Comments: 6

Map.png Total Hell

(17 votes)

This is a "Colonize The Planets" map that is a bit challenging... There are a total of 25 planets to colonize, but a few are in the middle...along wi…

 Data-11thFleet 2002-05-31   94.16 KB 2,433 Comments: 6

Map.png Voyager Season 3 map

(0 votes)

This map represents the Delta Quadrant as the Voyager found it, between the second and third seasons.

 thewhitewizard 2008-05-01   74.13 KB 1,004 Comments: 1