Nimbar System Nimbar System

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Cpt Geddes, 2003-06-19

This is a map for the Star Wars: Fleet Command mod. Enjoy Smile.

This is the Nimbar System map for SW:FC A2.

To install copy all files to the bzn folder in your main directory.

Made by Cpt_Geddes.


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#1 Captain_Reisen 2003-06-27 15:08
As a star system, everything is spaced properly (lots of dead space with the occassion al occurence of dark matter and/or dark energy). As a map, I found it to be good but the empty space makes hunting the enemy a lot harder (now, that can be a good thing as it makes the game more challenging but it can also be an annoyance, especially if it's only one enemy unit who's preventing you from winning the game).

Good work at any rate.

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