Delphic Expance Map (1.0) Delphic Expance Map (1.0)

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Luke20, 2004-01-25

Star Trek Enterprise - Delphic Expance, a nice looking map courtesy of Luke20 Smile

Star Trek Enterprise Season 3 Missions

Simply put the bzn file into the bzn folder in Armada 2!
Set up a icon with the properties target line:

"C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\Armada2.exe" / expance1.bzn

You can now play this level by double clicking on the icon.



This is the first map of the Adventures of Enterprise NX - 01 in the Delphic Expance.
You can play this in Single player mode only. You use the Enterprise NX - 01 as your only vessel
in the game. (It is an Akria class, but it looks quite similar!)
You will play through the episodes of Enterprise: "The Expance"
"The Xindi"
It is recomended that you play the episode out in order.
First, destroy the Klingon Birds of prey, then visit "Expance Planet 001" on the very left
of the map.
Then continue up to the debris field of the planet and head south east to the derelict ship
& the mysterious sphere....
Then go North West of the Sphere to the Osarian Ship and once you destroy it, it's game over!
The Wormhole is eye candy. You can't travel through it.

When the mission starts, the KLingons will damage you a lot.
They will not go far into the expance, so try and warp out.
The Osarian vessel will try and beam aboard and take you over in which case, you
will lose the mission.
All cheats will work, but there is no next mission & whats the point of "Showmethemoney"
if there is no construction ship?

I'll take no responsibility for any damage that may result to your PC from the use of this map.
No part of this map may be used for any other map without permission from the author(s).
Any bugs? Questions? Other Problems?
EMAIL me at

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#1 Deathbyteacup 2004-01-25 16:23
The TV series isnt worthy of this files quality.... :sad:
#2 Chiletrek 2004-01-25 18:04

this is a good way to play situations for Armada. Some time ago i made the Kobayashi Maru mission played only with the Map Editor, but I lost the files :sad: and i never could upload it :sad:

This is good and I will try to do that map again! (a single Intrepid against 3 Warbirds!!!!) :P

Keep on the good job luke20
#3 nowereman 2004-01-26 18:02
looks nice
#4 Luke20 2004-02-04 12:50
Glad you like it! :-) :-)
#5 nowereman 2004-02-05 12:29
well im having a problem getting it to work i put it in my BZN folder and i cant play the map. why? it looks cool and i want to play it
#6 Luke20 2004-02-07 00:42
There are two files you need to put in the BZN folder, one is the BZN file, the other is the notepad that is not the readme (expance1).

When u do that, create a shortcut &.....

well its all on the README.

P.S An update very soon!
#7 USS_Pathfinder 2004-04-11 05:59
I followed the instructions on the readme by putting in the BZN file into the BZN folder and only the txt file with the map perameters into the BZN file. An error message keeps coming up. What am I doing wrong?
#8 Mayseth 2007-05-29 09:20
Enterprise kicked the pants off the rest of the Treks Rock

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