Voyager Season 3 map Voyager Season 3 map

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thewhitewizard, 2008-05-01

This map represents the Delta Quadrant as the Voyager found it, between the second and third seasons.

I say "represents" because, a couple days ago, I downloaded this one just before my personal build of A2 went to hell, and I couldn't get it to load. Unfortunately, no mention of required mods etc. was included so I don't know if it's my install of A2 or this map that's the reason it won't load. (I also don't know if it's responsible for the crash-death of my A2 install. Scary thought. Probably not true.)

Anyway, my problems aside, here y'go. And as a note to thewhitewizard, please, in future, advise us if we need to add something in order to make your map work with a stock A2 build in the 'requirements' box. This map promises quite a bit (the Swarm, for instance) and I'd hate for it not to deliver.

- the Kid


This is my best (so far) map based on "canon" Star Trek space. This one is the Delta quadrant as mapped by USS Voyager during its 3rd year (2373). Its complete with many of the pheomena encountered by the ship during its travels, including:

Hanon IV (Basics I and II)
the blue nebula (Flashback)
the Swarm (The Swarm)
Garen Mining Colony (Macrocosm)
Morayna's Station and the Inversion Nebula (Alter Ego)
Nekrit Trading Station and the Nekrit Expanse (Fair Trade)
Sakiri Colony world (Blood Fever)
Parein planet and disabled borg cube (Unity)
Astral Eddy and space station debris (Real Life)
the edge of Borg Space (Scorpion I)

copy the files into: Star Trek Armada IIbzn

and enjoy

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#1 wwizard 2008-08-26 09:52
Sorry the readme is so light, but the map requires no special mods to run. a straight fresh instell of A2 will work just fine.

enjoy the map,


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