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Generic.png Map editor FAQ's

(5 votes)

Following several questions recently Gavin has helpfully compiled the questions and the correct answers and sent them in for the tutorials section.

 Gavin1701 2007-02-25   1.73 KB 967 Comments: 2

Generic.png Milk Shape Tutorial

(15 votes)

This was added to the WBBM as a new chapter. It is a great tutorial abou texturing in Milk Shape and includes pictures and everyting

 Major A Payne 2002-07-14   418.39 KB 3,132 Comments: 2

Generic.png Milkshape 3D SOD Tutorial

(21 votes)

This is a simple tutorial byu Major A Payne to show you how to add hps to your model in milkshape and export them using the new plugins, Great Job, it…

 Major A Payne 2004-03-02   310.60 KB 3,217 Comments: 6

Generic.png Minor Mod Tutorial

(2 votes)

I read through the first part of this, then thumbed through the rest. Other than explaining in detail how to install a ship and make sure all the appr…

 thunderfoot006 2006-08-13   8.29 KB 1,405 Comments: 2

Generic.png No Intro Animations

(8 votes)

This is a tutorial that will allow you to disable the intro animation in Armada II, an option that should have been available in the game really.

 kel333 2005-11-19   104.12 KB 838 Comments: 7

Generic.png Planning & Starting a mod

(8 votes)

This is great outline for what you need to know before starting on your mod

 Challenger 2002-07-14   3.01 KB 2,224 Comments: 0

Generic.png Ship Texturing Tutorial by Fireball 1.0

(4 votes)

In this tutorial, Fireball teaches how he makes the panelling/aztec for a starship and how to do some general texturing.

 FIREBALL_IV 2009-02-20   3.57 MB 814 Comments: 5

Generic.png V1.0

(7 votes)

This isn't a mod, but a tutorial in PDF format, on how to add or modify game objects located in the single-player campaign.

 Weldon 2008-12-08   1.06 MB 438 Comments: 12

Generic.png Smooth Physics Tutorial

(5 votes)

This is a greta tutorial on how to create smoother and more realistic mods so that the people using your mod are more satisfied

 Stalker 2002-07-14   5.63 KB 1,205 Comments: 0

Generic.png Strategies Tutorial

(18 votes)

I'll just pot the whole tutorial right here for all you folks who don't want to bother downloading what you can just read here -- -- -- -- -- -- --…

 FireFly*194* 2003-03-15   48.31 KB 1,058 Comments: 7