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Weldon, 2008-12-08

This isn't a mod, but a tutorial in PDF format, on how to add or modify game objects located in the single-player campaign. While this is a fairly simple process (just replace one set of files with new files, using exactly the same name), it's here in tutorial form if you ever need to find out.


This is a simplified tutorial I created to show how to use none stock ship in order to modify a single player campaign. Please feel free to download and or comment on it. I will be making a finial version2 of this pdf file in order to suite the need's of the many ways one can modify a single player campaign, with the hard code definitions of single player map settings as well. Via each single player scenario.
I hope all enjoy learning from this Adobe PDf file I have created,and I hope someone make something of enjoyment not just for themselves but for all to enjoy.

AkA SWeldon

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#11 Mr.Funsocks 2008-12-12 18:02
Weldon, I would appreciate it if you did not mention that as it is a private matter.
#12 weldon 2008-12-12 20:16
no problem my lips are sealed

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