Ship Texturing Tutorial by Fireball Ship Texturing Tutorial by Fireball

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FIREBALL_IV, 2009-02-20

In this tutorial, Fireball teaches how he makes the panelling/aztec for a starship and how to do some general texturing.

I figured while making a ship I could document what I did so I could share my techniques with the community.

Hopefully this will contribute to the level of quality and number of new mods we get here. Lately there hasn't been much from new modders. Ideally we want to keep people active, and tutorials are just one of so very many ways to do that.


Texturing a Starship Tutorial by Fireball.


In this tutorial, I teach you how I make the panelling/aztec for a starship and how to do some general texturing.
I figured while making a ship I could document what I did so I could share my techniques with the community.

Whats Required
- Some sort of graphics program
> Jasc Paint Shop Pro was used for the creationg of this texture
- Some creativity
- Patience
- More Patience

Whats Included

- A long tutorial that teaches you my method of texturing.
- A texture template for the model I have included.
- SOD's and ODF's for the 2 ships you will work on in the tutorial
> This gives the user the ability to see thier textures ingame!
- Install instructions for putting your ship ingame.

Whats Not Included

- Wireframes and build buttons are not included
> The reasoning behind this is that a users build button or
wireframe would vary depending on the textures they create.
- Admirals log picture, same reasoning as above.
- Damage and Borg textures as this is once again texture dependant.

Install Instructions

When installing your ships, the process is pretty simple, it goes as follows:

Drag and drop the ship contents of the ZIP file directly
into your Armada II directory to add the new files
to your game.

Go to your ODF folder in the base Armada II directory.
Proceed to the Stations folder.
Open the ODF of a shipyard of your choice
and add the starships to build there

(x representing the build item)

buildItemx = "FZophia"
buildItemy = "FZophiaR"

Go to the techtree folder in the Armada II directory.
Look under federation ships
and put the following lines:

FZophia.odf 1 fbase.odf
FZophiaR.odf 2 fbase.odf fyard.odf


One may use this tutorial to learn to texture any ship and release said ship without giving any credit.
However, if one would like to release the Zophia or Zophia refit included in this tutorial, credit
MUST be given for the SOD's and ODF's!
This being said, anyone is free to make thier own texture for these ships and release it as long as proper
credit is given! I look forward to seeing what others can come up with.

I am not responsible for any damage this may cause to your system.
If your have problems, are looking for permission to use my mod or would like to alter it and put it in your mod you can contact me at: or via

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#1 _dEjavU_ 2009-02-20 14:31
Thanks FIREBALL_IV. :thumbsup:
#2 insert_name_heer 2009-02-20 16:30
#3 acidfluxxbass 2009-02-24 00:01
thanks fireball, i still cant thank u enough for the help its given me :-)
#4 FIREBALL_IV 2009-02-28 11:01
Thanks everyone, feel free to post your results up in the forum or perhaps even email them to me!

A few more tips: If your doing a non federation ship, you can do the box pattern without the aztec and achieve some good results....That or you could chose an aztec pattern that isn't directional (IE, completely symmetric, top to bottom, left to right)
#5 FIREBALL_IV 2009-02-28 11:01
Oh and sorry to post again so soon, but I think anothe great tutorial to read that would help you out in combination with this is Achilles' texturing tutorial!

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