Nova Class Outpost Nova Class Outpost

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Micheal Raab, 2002-11-30

This is an excellently designed station that repairs and builds ships ingame.

Federatation Nova class Outpost

Steps to install

1.Copy any .SOD files into the SOD directory.
2.Copy any .tga files into the Textures\RGB directory.
3.Copy novastation.odf into the ODF\stations diretory.
4.Copy fconst2.odf into the ODF\ships diretory.
5.Go to odf\stations search for fbase.odf open fbase and add
buildItem4 = "fconst2" were you can see that line:
//Construction Parameters
6.Copy any .bmp into bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages directory.
7.Go the techtree and open and add novastation.odf 0 ,now do the same thing
8. Open the file gui_global.spr
and add
b_novastation gbNovastation 0 0 64 64
b_fconst2 gbfconst2 0 0 64 64
were it says
# Federation build buttons

then go to were it says

# # Federation wireframes


and add

novastationw1 wNovastation 0 0 48 48
novastationw2 wNovastation 48 0 48 48
novastationw3 wNovastation 48 0 48 48
novastationw4 wNovastation 48 0 48 48
novastationw5 wNovastation 48 0 48 48

fconst2w1 fedwireframe03 0 144 48 48
fconst2w2 fedwireframe03 48 144 48 48
fconst2w3 fedwireframe03 96 144 48 48
fconst2w4 fedwireframe03 144 144 48 48
fconst2w5 fedwireframe03 192 144 48 48

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.


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#1 treknut104 2003-01-20 18:02
I get the Idea but which ships does it build?
#2 12of13 2003-03-24 09:51
he as set a build ardpoint saying were it builds em, so you just need to put in your own build list
#3 Stargazor_001 2005-04-29 09:20
Just for info,, This does NOT work with any Nova class ship already ingame. When I added this station to my game, it crashed when I built a Nova class ship. Now I uninstalled this station and my game still crashed. :mad: Does anyone know what to do :o ?
#4 csi_denver 2005-08-14 21:14
it's prob a problem with the ODF file of the nova class starship, or addint the station changed something in one of the other ODF files like a wapon system that is not fully installed any more makes the game crash as well

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