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Model.png Romulan TOS BoP

(2 votes)

As seen in the forums, this is Icewolf’s Romulan TOS BoP. This file comes complete with all you need to get it ingame.

 icewolf132 2008-01-10   251.97 KB 610 Comments: 2

Model.png romulanshippack 1.0

(4 votes)

This folder contains the following Romulan ships: Rscout Rbattle2 Rcruise3 Rcruise4 P'vor class Being not satisfied with my earlier work, I repla…

 Aad Moerman 2010-06-29   7.36 MB 889 Comments: 9

Model.png Scorpion Heavy Fighter

(2 votes)

Only fitting that we get all the Nemesis vessels out there. Here's the Scorpion fighter, used by the Remans on board the Reman Warbird Scimitar in Nem…

 mishkaco 2008-05-05   105.72 KB 785 Comments: 2

Model.png Scythe Class Battle Cruiser A2 version

(5 votes)

The A2 Version... After the colonization of Crateris, the Reman Scythe Class battle cruiser was built in secret with the aid of the Tal Shair.

 Pepperman 2010-02-18   1.78 MB 826 Comments: 3

Model.png SFC Griffin texture

(3 votes)

This is an SFC to A2 conversion of the griffen textures.

 Doom369 2006-06-03   95.39 KB 649 Comments: 4

Model.png SFC Raptor Class Conversion

(3 votes)

This ladies and gents is a conversion of a so called "Raptor Class" from SFC.

 Gavin1701 2006-07-19   451.07 KB 557 Comments: 5

Model.png Shadow Class

(5 votes)

Admit it: no other Romulan starship draws your attention quite as quickly when you're under attack.

 dan1025 2009-07-22   2.57 MB 872 Comments: 10

Model.png Shadow Class (Dogs of War Edition)

(5 votes)

Other then my own re-texture and the ocassional odd Romulan ship, this site doesn't have too much on it for the Romulan side, I think you'll all agree…

 K7A 2006-05-31   1.04 MB 1,271 Comments: 6

Model.png Shrike Class

(3 votes)

This is the Armada 2 version of the Armada 1 mod released recently that sports Achilles' textures and model.

 Pepperman 2007-05-17   1.91 MB 748 Comments: 5

Model.png Shrike Class from Dogs of War

(5 votes)

This is the Shrike class from the upcoming Dogs of War modification.

 K7A 2006-06-10   1.10 MB 992 Comments: 7