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dan1025, 2009-07-22

Admit it: no other Romulan starship draws your attention quite as quickly when you're under attack. The Shadow class starship has some of the most dangerous special weapons in the game, whether it's the psychonic blast or the holo-emitter. And then there's the phase cloak, which means that you can't even see it. And as far as benevolent special weapons go, the special energy shield emitter is pretty much the best there is short of the Federation Nebula's repair team.

Dan1025 has turned his attention to this Romulan starship, using the base of the departed K7A's model and giving it a revised, darker texture more in keeping with recent Romulan mods. The detail is greater and the colour matched perfectly to the other Romulan ships available. And as always, the details in the mod are all there, as are the comprehensive installation instruction we've come to expect from Dan's mods.

Definitely worth a download.


I've always loved K7As retexture of the Romulan Shadow Class, the only thing it suffered from was the fact that it was a retexture of a very low poly stock model, so here I've tried to change that. I've increased the detail of the stock Shadow model, increasing the poly count in certain areas to give it a higher quality look. I've also altered K7As textures to make them match the darker green Romulan ships available.

This will act as a replacement for your Shadow Class (rspecial).

Included in this mod are:

SOD file
Ship textures
Borg textures
Ship ODF
AdmiralsLog picture


Installation Instructions:

1. Place "rspecial.sod" into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/SOD folder.
2. Place all files found in the RGB folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Textures/RGB folder.
3. Place "rspecial.odf" into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/odf/ships folder.
4. Place the bitmap file found in the ShipImages folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder.

(Ensuring you click "Yes" when the computer asks if you'd like to replace the older files).

5. Find the file named "gui_global.spr" found in the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Sprites folder and open it (use notepad).

Search for where it says:

"Romulan Wireframes"

and delete the entry for rspecial

now find where it says:


(if this reference isn't in your Romulan Wireframes section you'll need to add it at the end of the section).

and add:

rspecialw1 WFrspecial 0 0 64 64
rspecialw2 WFrspecial 0 0 64 64
rspecialw3 WFrspecial 0 0 64 64
rspecialw4 WFrspecial 0 0 64 64
rspecialw5 WFrspecial 0 0 64 64

Save and close the file.


Credits & Thanks:

Credit for the original model goes to Activision/MadDoc
Credit for the original texture file goes to K7A
Credit for the orginal borg texture I used goes to "Scorpians" altered SFC stock sphere mod

A big thanks to Activision for releasing this game and giving us all something fun to mod and improve upon.

If you have any issues/questions or if you would like to use this mod for something you plan to release, please email me at:

Hope you enjoy the mod! :)

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#1 Terra_Inc 2009-07-23 02:56
Shadows rock. :thumbsup: 10/10!
#2 Dark_Energy 2009-07-23 10:32
dan, you are reading my mind. the shadow was the only ugly stock model left in my install. untill now. I was waiting for a model made by aad, as I have most of his roms included - but this one will do nicely, thank you sir. :-)
#3 Dark_Energy 2009-07-23 10:43
again me: dan, your readme has a wrong name for the rspecial - this will cause a game crash. the read me above does differ, this will do, I think. different versions, hm?
#4 dan1025 2009-07-23 15:52
Yeah sorry about that, I only realised the error after I uploaded the file, just follow the readme instructions on this page and it'll work fine :-)
#5 Adm_Zaxxon 2009-07-23 17:55
dude, this is better than FO textures! You make me want to play romulans. 10.0 as always, and keep up the amazing work.
#6 Doom369 2009-07-25 11:59
I like the greener glows but compared to Neons first release of the Warbird, which I use, it's a little to dark and green for me. It looks good though and I love the new borg textures.
#7 thunderfoot007 2009-07-26 20:07
Shadows are the reason I play Rommies so much. Now I have even more reason to do so. K7A did some pretty good work. He mentioned once doing a Tal Shiar specific Shadow with a different weapons loadout. He was going to make the textures a very low visibility dark grey. He never did release anything on it and did little more than post one not very good picture of the one he did this to. Ah well, it will have to wait, I suppose. Dan, once again, you've taken "good" and made it "spectacular". Thank you.
#8 Doom369 2009-07-27 21:19
I looked at the files from both shadows and Both, this 1 and K7A's can be used together. Just rename the SOD and ODF to match. 1 can be stock replacment and the other a future variant or Tal Shiar. The stats in the ODF from both are different.
#9 pepecha 2009-09-03 06:57
But I Like More The Borg Cube is Amazing
#10 FranxoftImports 2010-05-15 08:18
Dude, this is definately the best Romulan shipdesign I have seen on the entire site. :thumbsup:

However I and, I suppose, many other modders as well are still looking for replacements for the shrike, griffin raptor and draconarius.

That would surely make the Romulans much more interesting to kill or kill with.

Kind regs, Franxoft Imports

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