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Model.png Skyhawk Destroyer

(10 votes)

And here's another bird into the fray. This TMP-based design really works off the bird-like elements that we've come to love of the Romulans.

 Pepperman 2007-05-26   5.40 MB 659 Comments: 7

Model.png Starhawk Class

(2 votes)

This would very much appear to be a kitbash of some of the stock Romulan ships.

 adm stacks 2007-05-27   1.23 MB 471 Comments: 4

Model.png T'Shar

(7 votes)

This is another Warbird mod. Just as nicely done as the Devoras. It includes sounds and al file ready.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-06-28   1.20 MB 1,097 Comments: 1

Model.png Tal'Vares Heavy Cruiser

(4 votes)

This ship is an edit of AXIN's Romulan Fighter convert from SFC. This has edited textures, edited weaponry, changed stats, a few extras and complement…

 Joelteon7 2006-08-05   1.28 MB 939 Comments: 5

Model.png Terix Class Warbird

(6 votes)

This is the beautifully crafted Romulan Terix class warbird. The design, by Atolm, has been given life by Pepperman and brought into Armada in gloriou…

 Pepperman 2007-01-26   2.30 MB 1,100 Comments: 6

Model.png The A2 Fighter Project Part 1 - The Romulans

(6 votes)

Recently, I've become obsessed with making fighters work (sort of) in Star Trek:Armada II. I am unsure as to why.

 thunderfoot006 2009-02-23   720.54 KB 460 Comments: 5

Model.png The Geek's Valdores Class

(21 votes)

The Geek has taken Dawn's Valdores and added new ODFs as well as more goodies

 Tim "The Geek" Underbakke 2002-12-07   889.62 KB 5,335 Comments: 0

Model.png The Hawk Project 1.1

(14 votes)

It's not often you see an upgrade for a file SO complete, SO well done, that you are left wondering, "why can't EVERY file be this good???" This, my…

 thunderfoot006 2007-10-28   3.69 MB 920 Comments: 7

Model.png TOS Adversary Pack Add On

(2 votes)

Jolan tru, Centurion! We bring greetings from the High Command. Yours will be the first Wing where the newest addition to the Praetor s Warbirds will…

 thunderfoot006 2009-12-12   3.22 MB 636 Comments: 6

Model.png V'Shar

(2 votes)

This is a supposed Romulan Cruiser (though personally it looks more like a Destroyer).

 DinosaurJR 2006-08-10   755.42 KB 682 Comments: 4