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Model.png Romulan D'eshara Class Warbird 1.0

(1 vote)

The Romulan D'eshara Class Warbird is a 2007 design from the desk of Galen/Kaden Designs.

 Pepperman 2011-11-28   4.49 MB 839 Comments: 2

Model.png S’Faret Class Warbird

(7 votes)

This is an erm, different looking warbird. As you can see from the pictures It shares little in common with other warbirds apart from being rather we…

 Pepperman 2006-10-01   1.10 MB 1,926 Comments: 8

Model.png Adm Sela's Warbird 1.0

(0 votes)

This is nice looking mod. The tga was done well and many other features were to.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-06-28   210.78 KB 729 Comments: 0

Model.png Adm Sela's Warbird 1.1

(4 votes)

This is the complete file of Adm Sela's Warbird. It includes all sounds and complete files.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-06-28   1.37 MB 2,625 Comments: 2

Model.png Admiral Sela's Warbird

(3 votes)

A nice mod that adds Admiral Sela's Warbird as a hero ship. It even has voices!

 ABubba91873 2002-10-19   2.45 MB 1,891 Comments: 0

Model.png Ael'Hlaiim Class

(4 votes)

This is the Romulan Ael'Hlaiim (or D'nara) class starship, brought to you in living colour by k_merse and pepperman.

 k_merse 2008-10-14   902.38 KB 1,195 Comments: 8

Model.png Aen'laehval (Shadow Wing) Class

(8 votes)

Azel/Atolm, if you pay interest to the concept side of the models/mods, comes up with the ingenious designs for quite a few ships.

 Pepperman 2006-09-30   1.27 MB 1,717 Comments: 5

Model.png Bryan's Romulan Warbird

(11 votes)

Simply breathtaking... This is the Starfleet Command 3 Warbird model, converted to Armada by Bryan, and it hasn't lost any of it's beauty DOWNLOAD NO…

 Bryan 2003-01-14   450.29 KB 1,570 Comments: 3

Model.png Bryan's Scimitar 2.0

(23 votes)

This is the Reman Warbird Scimitar from the star trek movie "Nemesis". This is a very nice model and a good addition to any fleet.

 Bryan 2003-06-22   1.07 MB 4,240 Comments: 17

Model.png D'narax Class

(10 votes)

A nice Romulan design, of which we don't see very often. It's his first ship too, so look forward to more ships in the future

 Mr. C 2002-11-30   58.78 KB 1,224 Comments: 6