Scorpion Heavy Fighter Scorpion Heavy Fighter

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mishkaco, 2008-05-05

Only fitting that we get all the Nemesis vessels out there. Here's the Scorpion fighter, used by the Remans on board the Reman Warbird Scimitar in Nemesis. Makes you wonder why they didn't deploy them in combat. But Picard and Data used this as their means of escaping from the Scimitar during that film. Unfortunately, that you can't do right away.

A good conversion by FahreS from SFC3, put together by mishkaco for your enjoyment. Worth a download.


This is another cannon Romulan/Reman ship, not seen much for A2. It is the Scorpion heavy fighter from know the one Picard and Data appropriated to go sight-seeing?
The original model was made for SFC by MarianoDt and converted to A2 by Fahres.


Put SOD in *sod
PUt TGA in *texturergb
Put bmp in *admiralslogship...
Put rscorpion *odfships
Put fightphys in *odfother

now do what you want with it. Replace an existing ship, or have a new fighter class for the Star Empire....
(original SFC readme included, with authors open blessing for conversion or editing.)


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#1 STGamerNew2002 2008-05-05 21:21
Well, it's a NICE MOD, but is the hull(or texture) suppose to be THIS DULL GREY COLOR? If so, it REALLY STINKS(in my opinion). If this was a mistake, I hope you may fix it(?). :sad:
#2 mishkaco 2008-05-05 22:16
sorry, never seen the ship in my life :P couldnt say if the ship shoudl be grey or not. We could say it flew through a dust storm? :P

the original author was very kind. I am sure he would nto mind a retexture if you think it is necesary to be more cannon. His e-mail is in the zip file.

Anyway, i waited years for the Scorpion to come on A2files. it never did. I found this SFC3 file, and Fahres converted for me and you. Its the only model i found out there. Anyway, i hope some one enjoys it. Afterall in the game its basicaly a little dot right? so i dont think high-detail for a fighter is all that desireable.



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