D'narax Class D'narax Class

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Mr. C, 2002-11-30

A nice Romulan design, of which we don't see very often. It's his first ship too, so look forward to more ships in the future Smile

D'narax Class Pre-Tos Battleship

Hello people, and thank you for downloading my Dnarax Class battleship! :D. This ship was
intended to be a Pre-TOS era battleship. It has a powerful torpedo and a fast firing
phaser. It has strong shields and armor.

How to install:
Extract all .odf files into your Armada /odf/ships directory.
Extract all .tga files into your Armada /textures/rgb directory.
Extract all .sod files into your Armada /sod directory.

Please contact me if you have any problems. :)

Just a note, I am not responsible for the damage this ship may cause to your computer or

The texture of the ship was based on the texture of the E&F Project's Hunter class. I just
tinged it green.

If you want to use it:
If you want to use this ship for a mod of your own, I truly don't mind you using it at all.
Use it any way you like. Even if you want to modify it, I don't mind that at all either! :D
I would just like to know that you'd like to use it. Contact information is below.

Email: Chrish_fish@hotmail.com
ICQ: 120575633

Final notes:
I hope you have fun with this ship, and feel free to contact me with commments, suggestions,
etc. But of course, do it kindly! :P. Have a great day, and happy modding. :)


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#1 The_Geek 2002-11-30 07:36
It could have been better, but for a first ship this is 8)

Good work, keep those Romulan ships coming
#2 Guest 2002-12-01 09:34
It's about time there were more romulan ships. Well Done!
#3 AdmiralQ 2002-12-03 07:22
An excellent design. revives the old Romulan Bird of PreyRockRock
#4 The_Geek 2002-12-06 09:37
8) ship, downloading now...

This looks like a 24th century bird of prey.
#5 Captain_Reisen 2002-12-18 07:38
It's good to know there are other admirers of the Romulan Star Empire out there. 8)
#6 rocketracer94 2006-03-11 01:48
I'm glad there's more guys who likes romulans then just me! DrinkRock

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