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Model.png AVM SC-4 Final

(15 votes)

This is the complete version of the SC-4. Consult the readme for further info.

 Ted H 2002-09-15   730.30 KB 3,608 Comments: 22

Model.png AVM SC-4 Beta

(15 votes)

This is Janeway's Shuttle, seen in the episode Endgame. The catch is that it features the Alblative Armor It works in-game, and looks cool.

 Captain Fingers 2002-09-08   1,023.75 KB 2,211 Comments: 20

Model.png AVM|Hellfire Class Beta

(21 votes)

Well hers the Hellfire Class... ive put this together completely myself there will be an update however, later I will put out an armor addon for it,…

 Ted H 2002-10-20   161.65 KB 1,286 Comments: 20

Model.png AVM|HellFire Class Patch

(8 votes)

No this doesnt add the armor, sorry, but it fixes the problem with the model being an nx class

 Ted H 2002-10-27   38.50 KB 1,133 Comments: 0

Model.png Banshee Class

(15 votes)

A nice agile vessal that packs a mean right hook. Good stuff.

 Major A Payne 2004-12-03   2.02 MB 1,487 Comments: 17

Model.png BC Sovereign

(6 votes)

This ship will be re-viewed at a later date.

 Sherman2 2004-11-11   1.79 MB 818 Comments: 17

Model.png Belamb Class Runner Upper

(5 votes)

Well... this is of Federation design, if not a little... different to what we are used to seeing.

 Adam_Atlantian 2007-06-02   3.03 MB 484 Comments: 5

Model.png Beta Construction Ship

(4 votes)

Nice bit of work here from dejaVu on another construction ship for the Federation to use, among other things: This is a mini compilation mod I put tog…

 _dEjavU_ 2009-01-18   1.21 MB 974 Comments: 16

Model.png Bombomadil's Prometheus MVAM

(12 votes)

This is Bombomadil's version of Prometheus MVAM. Instead of using the Galaxy seperator, this mod first changes into the saucer section, which can the…

 Bombomadil 2003-04-23   1.29 MB 3,056 Comments: 13

Model.png Bradbury Class

(3 votes)

This is the Bradbury class from the ASDB website

 Pizza the Hutt 2005-09-29   762.55 KB 1,220 Comments: 12