AVM|Hellfire Class AVM|Hellfire Class

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Ted H, 2002-10-20

Well hers the Hellfire Class... ive put this together completely myself Biggrin
there will be an update however, later I will put out an armor addon for it, along with the buttons and wireframes Biggrin
I hope everyone enjoys this, and wait just a little longer for AVM v5

now the patch is released!!
(it stops it from looking like an NX)

AVM|Hellfire Class

This is the AVM Hellfire Class, this is not complete, there will be an armor addon to it, along with some buttoms/wireframes...
i have actually done everything here myself ;)

Just click the setup file!! it wont overwrite any other mods so dont worry

if u want the damn slipstream drive to work u need AVM V4
if u want the stealth tech to work, u need AVM SC4

� hummm none :)



ted h

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#11 WeAreBorg 2002-10-24 15:08
Hey i have a question....if the ships an origanal..why's it look like the nx-class...and for that matter..why's it got the name enterprise on its hull? Don't get me wrong..i love the addition..just curious
#12 OCkirk1701 2002-10-24 15:12
im debating whether or not to dl this if its anything like the other ships youve made, it should be excellant, but id like to know what it looks like first. i cant wait for avm 5.0!
#13 voyager009 2002-10-26 16:55
11: wat r u talkin bout?? where is the name enterprise on the hull, and hows it look like an nx class??

12: thanx, and i didnt relise the shot was so bad when i posted...
#14 Mr. Greg 2002-10-26 17:01
Much better view now :-)
#15 voyager009 2002-10-26 23:18
ya but it looks all distorted.....
#16 WeAreBorg 2002-10-27 00:29
In my game....its the NX class...did i put it in wrong?
#17 voyager009 2002-10-27 01:10
hummm i think u did...
#18 WeAreBorg 2002-10-27 01:13
lol all i know is i got a NX class with slipstream and a cloaking device lol...kinda fun
#19 voyager009 2002-10-27 11:54
ok i just released the patch, apparently i screwed something up in the auto install flie, but it should be fixed now
#20 OCkirk1701 2002-10-27 13:38
dling now it looks fantastic

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