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Captain Fingers, 2002-09-08

This is Janeway's Shuttle, seen in the episode Endgame. The catch is that it features the Alblative Armor Smile It works in-game, and looks cool. After installation the ship is built at the Starbase. Note the requirement please.


Sod and Texture by Captain fingers
Everything else by Ted H

*Update*: The errors reported should be fixed, I replaced the old file with a new one.

Armored Voyager Mod SC-4 Beta
SC-4 Janeway¡¦s Shuttle is now complete



You can forget this part¡K Just click the setup.exe thanx to Gonwee For the templater for the auto installer!! Æ’º




This is the Armored SC-4 Shuttle, which was Admiral Janeway¡¦s shuttle in Endgame. It has transphasic torpedoes, and Stealth Technology.

Captn fingers who did the kick-ass sods and textures! Æ’º
pdiddy who made the armor engage and retract buttons
Gonwee, who made the original template for the auto installer!!
Also, the modders who made the slipstream I used to template temporal relocation.


1. The Temporal Relocation/ Stealth Technology aren¡¦t working correctly and don¡¦t have buttons. This will be fixed in the final.

After This expect the Rhode Island (Nova Variant) with armor.

this mod is by

ted h

If anyone has any suggestions to help me improve on this mod, or wants to comment about it,


note: you must play this on freetech unless you make modifications ¡Vforget this now, regular tech should work!!
If you wish to use this in your mod, please email me.
You Cant Run This Right without already installing AVMv4!!

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#11 Guest 2002-09-08 14:58
I'm Cpt. Neutron and I didn't get to beta test this mod but I definatly tested and have installed the AVM4 mod. And it crashes when the ship just finishes building and before it comes out of the base. I have already fixed this problem and I'm trying to fix the cloak and slipstream buttons before I post the instructions here and on the boards
#12 Guest 2002-09-08 15:30
I have seen first hand that once the shuttle finishes building the game crashes to the desktop. The way to fix this and to fix the weapon buttons and stealth weapon are as follows:

1) Open your folder: odf/ships/fsc4.odf and remove everything under the

// ****************************************************


And paste this code in it's place:

// Phaser

weapon0 = "fc3phas"

weaponHardpoints0 = "hp05" "hp08"

// Photon Torpedos

weapon1 = "fc3phot"

weaponHardpoints1 = "hp01" "hp02"


weapon2 = "sc4armor"

// Federation Stealth Technology

weapon3 = "gstealth"

weaponHardpoints4 = "hp01"

// Tempral Relocation

weapon4 = "tr"

weaponHardpoints4 = "hp01" "hp02"

// ****************************************************

The reason for this is because the numbers for the special weapons were not correct - did not start from 0 to 4 but instead started from 1 through 5

// ****************************************************

2) open your folder: setup and copy the gstealth.odf file to your odf/special_weapons folder. (The bat file that came with the mod did not copy this file over into that directory)

3) go to your folder: techtree/fulltech.tt and open it with notepad. go to the very bottom and add this lines:

gstealth.odf 0

(so the stealth mode will work in a free tech game)

4) open your folder: techtree/tech1.tt and open it in notepad. Go to the very bottom and add this lines:

gstealth.odf 0

(so the stealth mode will work in regular tech)

5) go into the odf/stations/fbase.odf and open it in notepad. Go to the very bottom and remove the:

buildItem4 = "fvoy"

buildItem5 = "fsc4"

from being at the very bottom and paste them up with the other buildItems (just in case. not sure if this effects the mod or not)
#13 voyager009 2002-09-08 15:57
ok ive fixed this in afew minutes mr. greg is goin to update this file and it will work, i did this in a few hours late at night and i left some stuff out of the bat file, and i dont know how the ships odf got messed up :-)

well i really feel like an idiot now...
#14 voyager009 2002-09-08 15:58
i know you didnt beta test this some one else got to it first
#15 Guest 2002-09-08 16:00
It's ok, I'm glad I could help. And I told you I was a good beta tester. Look at all I did in only a short period of time :-)
#16 voyager009 2002-09-08 16:12
yes you are, i was just doin everything late at night, like between 12-2, it has an effect on you
#17 Guest 2002-09-08 16:37
Heh, missed this one. I believe all you need to do to fix the temporal relocation is open the gui_global.spr and put this:

b_tr gbtmpdis00 0 0 64 64

in instead of

b_gbtr gbtmpdis00 0 0 64 64

Yes, that will definatly fix the button. Just take the gb out of the tr code. As shown above

b_tr gbtmpdis00 0 0 64 64 (instead of)

b_gbtr gbtmpdis00 0 0 64 64
#18 Guest 2002-09-08 16:42
i didnt include a button, another reason y this is a beta, im having someone do it now
#19 Guest 2002-09-08 16:50
well the button does work but it's one from armada2 already, not a new texture.
#20 Guest 2003-10-02 11:23
My game crashes as soon as I try to deploy the armor

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