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_dEjavU_, 2009-01-18

Nice bit of work here from dejaVu on another construction ship for the Federation to use, among other things:

This is a mini compilation mod I put together that will not only give you a second construction ship, but will also upgrade both of your Federation defense turrets as well as give you a third one, the shockwave turret. This mod also contains modified textures for the worker bee's which, instead of yellow, will now give you the standard white hull distinction common with that of all Starfleet hull designs.

Worth a look. Download this one today!


The beta construction ship is a slightly modified version of the advanced construction ship that's found in Achilles' Art of War total conversion mods as well as Major Payne's Borg Incursion project. This version is equipped with high yield pulse phasers, a tractor beam, enhanced sensors, strong hull and shields which will allow the ship to last much longer in combat situations than the standard Federation construction ship.

The pulse phaser turret is upgraded to now be equipped with multi-targeting phasers, capable of firing at up to eight enemy ships simultanously.

The quantum torpedoe turret is updated to discharge a full spread of quantum torpedoes on the opening volley, after that the platform will discharge between one to three torpedoes until theres a break between firing and the launchers can fully reload. The number of projectiles per volley will be determined by the amount of time of seize fire between volleys, the more time between volleys the more torpedoes will be discharged simultaniously.

The shockwave turret is a Federation heavy defensive platform. This turret discharges pulse waves of a unique type of plasma which has particles that naturaly fluctuate on a tri oscillating frequency capable of penetrating any known energy shielding causing surges within the enemy vessels power distributuion grid.


* All the folders in this mod can be found in your Star Trek Armada II main directory.
(C:/Program Files/Activision/Star Trek Armada II)

1.) Copy and paste all files in my mod to their corresponding folders in your Star Trek Armada II main directory and over write when prompted to do so.

2.) Go to your Tech folder, open the tech1 file and add this to the Federation ships section.....

fconst2.odf 0

......then scroll down to the Federations stations section and add this..

fturret3.odf 0

3.) Go to your sprites folder and open the gui_global file. Scroll down till you get to this section.....

# Federation build buttons

....add these to the list under @reference=64......

b_fconst2 gbfconst2 0 0 64 64
b_fturret3 gbfturret3 0 0 64 64

..then scroll more down till you get to this part......

# Federation wireframes


...look for this....


..and add these under it......

fconst2w1 fwconstr 0 0 128 128

fturret3w1 fwpulstu 40 0 40 40
fturret3w2 fwpulstu 0 40 40 40
fturret3w3 fwpulstu 40 40 40 40
fturret3w4 fwpulstu 80 0 40 40
fturret3w5 fwpulstu 0 0 40 40

4.) On the same folder look for the weapon file and open it. Look for this section......

# Star Trek Weapon Effects


..and add this under it......

# Blank weapon
wblank wblank 0 0 128 21

5.) Finaly, go to your ODF/stations folder and and open the file of the station you want building the second construction ship. Scroll down to this section......

//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = ""
buildItem1 = ""
buildItem2 = ""

....and add this to the list(be sure to replace ** with the correct number that corresponds to the list)..

buildItem** = "fconst2"

* By my default the beta construction ship is set to build the shockwave turret, however if you wish instead to have your stock construction ship build it just add the above input to it's build items list.

* All settings in this mod(shields, weapons, hull, etc)has been reconfigured for stock Star Trek Armada II installs.

* If you wish to use the beta construction ship or the shockwave turret in your mod for future release please contact the authors below for permission first.


Beta construction ship

mesh model - Major A Payne

textures - Original textures by Andy "Deemon" Johns(further texture altarations done by me)

animations - Achilles

Shockwave Turret

mesh model - Achilles

textures - Achilles(further texture altarations done by me)

animations - Achilles

Special thanks:

To Achilles and Major A Payne, thanks allot you guys!

Activision for giving us such a cool playground to play in.


If your having problems with this mod or have any questions, I can be reached at this address.

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#11 _dEjavU_ 2009-02-24 14:29
Try installing the a2 official patch and the 1.2.5 patch(so sorry everyone for having to over-look this bit). Again I apologize for the inconvenience people.
#12 Chief_Chainsaw 2009-04-22 09:55
I wish this was lit, I use it as the combat construction ship, reinforced enough to venture into non-pacified zones and do it's work while my lighter construction ships and tenders stay close to the base. But I use dark maps with usually only one angle lighting and this ship disappears! Please please add lightmaps!! I do have to compliment the phong lighting, it backlights beautifully when firing phasers or when an enemy pulse or torpedo races by in a near miss. I just wish it was lit as well!
#13 Adhair 2010-04-17 12:33
Very nice mode...

However, I tryed to install in my ST A2 only the ship itself. It worked. Well, sort of... Station begun construction. The last step and loading bar is full, and... Game crashes.

I have transferred all construction ship files only (without a turrent).

So, what could cause the crash?

Any advice is highly appreciated.
#14 RyanTheGreat11 2010-05-20 19:55
I too long used the ship files and just when it was about to be finnished the game crashed. Why could this have happened?
#15 Deseret 2011-06-06 01:11
hey all like i said this is prob a dumb question but can this mod work for the demo version... i'm tired of downloading stuff only to not have them work in a demo, so i thought i'd ask.

#16 clellanwolf 2012-01-14 02:34
can you make a exe installer

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