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Model.png Chaffee Type 10 shuttle

(3 votes)

This is the type 10 shuttle from DS9. The Chaffee, as it was called in the episode "The Sound of Her Voice" (DS9) is small and not well armed.

 mikemckeon007 2008-03-15   712.01 KB 535 Comments: 1

Model.png Challenger beta 1.0

(3 votes)

A really cool Fed ship, based on a war craft being built for the dominion war, that was scrapped because the war ended.

 J14 2003-10-02   433.54 KB 374 Comments: 2

Model.png Challenger beta 2.0

(7 votes)

An updated version of the Challenger beta. This version boasts a new sod and build buttns, aswell as as an updated odf to add some balance out the sh…

 J14 2003-10-08   29.29 KB 546 Comments: 6

Model.png Challenger Class

(4 votes)

Included in the bundle pack of 8 ships located here,;57245 , this is a seperate do…

 Major A Payne 2006-02-20   1.03 MB 835 Comments: 3

Model.png Challenger Class

(7 votes)

This is a Kitbash of several P81 models, to create a Challenger Class (seen in TNG: BoBW).

 Pizza the Hutt 2007-01-08   2.13 MB 438 Comments: 6

Model.png Charleston Class (also for demo)

(2 votes)

Thermal_Nuclear_Chicken gives us his latest release, a conversion of an old SFC3 mod called the Charleston class starship.

 Thermal_Nuclear_Chicken 2009-06-13   1.20 MB 581 Comments: 6

Model.png Cheyenne Class mod

(5 votes)

This is a good rendition of the Cheyenne class finally available for Armada 2.

 Porty 2004-07-16   1.32 MB 805 Comments: 0

Model.png Cheyenne/New Orleans/Springfield (Wolf 359) Pack

(3 votes)

A nice set of ships from the Lost Era, the Cheyenne, New Orleans and Springfield class starships are available here once again.

 Aad Moerman 2008-01-06   1.74 MB 1,040 Comments: 13

Model.png Cloakable Proximity Mine

(6 votes)

Hear is a nice ship/device that gives the Federation another edge to there sword

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-05-31   885.72 KB 1,751 Comments: 2

Model.png Constellation Class

(6 votes)

Fireball brings us one truly awesome mod of the Constellation class. Now, it's his opinion that this work isn't his finest, and that he's capable of b…

 FIREBALL_IV 2009-02-08   1.68 MB 749 Comments: 2