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Model.png Arcadia Class

(13 votes)

This is a ship that resembles an Akira class, but with some custom tweaks. It even includes a new Torp.

 CHAKOTAY PRODUCTIONS INC 2002-07-15   365.63 KB 2,223 Comments: 3

Model.png Arcadia Class

(1 vote)

Ash has re-worked the Arcadia class starship, a classic first done a long while ago. And dare I say it's never looked better.

 Aerilon 2009-10-26   1.72 MB 85 Comments: 4

Model.png Arcadia Class

(7 votes)

A nice version of the Arcadia that's a bit sharper than Chakotay's.

 Redragon and APCM 2002-09-21   527.63 KB 1,199 Comments: 3

Model.png Arcadia Class

(10 votes)

An excellent design by Bryan. It looks like a Premonition with a Intrepid-lke drive section.

 Bryan 2002-11-24   1.47 MB 1,199 Comments: 4

Model.png Arcadia Class 2.0

(0 votes)

Ash had previously sent in a nice bit of work with his Arcadia class starship. This upgrades the model so that everything works right.

 Aerilon 2009-11-07   1.76 MB 589 Comments: 1

Model.png Ares Class

(24 votes)

This is a beautiful ship that looks like a Prometheus variant at first glance.

 APCMmkII 2002-12-09   1.81 MB 4,074 Comments: 12

Model.png Arizona Class 1.0

(2 votes)

This mod is a do-over of the Aegian class, now with TWICE the number of nacelles! There's some modifications here and there, and Thermal_Nuclear_Chick…

 Thermal_Nuclear_Chicken 2008-08-08   674.06 KB 514 Comments: 7

Model.png Armistice Class plus Captain's Yacht

(9 votes)

This is the Armistice class starship, with captain's yacht. This is one heck of a nice mod.

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2010-03-10   8.27 MB 542 Comments: 13

Model.png Armored Voyager

(83 votes)

This is a very nice alternative to Ted H's model. Worth a download

 LeOmAn 2002-09-24   214.15 KB 9,366 Comments: 17

Model.png Armoured Intrepid Class 1.0

(7 votes)

Many people consider "Endgame" to be among the best episodes of Voyager, and possibly the best series finale (and series wrap-up) in Trek.

 dan1025 2008-05-22   7.32 MB 1,748 Comments: 19