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Map.png Fightclub 1.0

(4 votes)

This is a 6 Player Map, designed for massive Multiplayer Battles. You will need big Fleets to come in the Enemy-Bases!

 Hary74656 2005-12-01   57.61 KB 412 Comments: 2

Map.png Fluidic Space

(4 votes)

This is a six player map. An intresting design, two wormholes either side with alot of resources.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2004-07-31   119.34 KB 556 Comments: 0

Map.png Gauntlet Run

(3 votes)

The name is pretty self-descriptive.

 [SGF]Dominion 2002-08-01   91.39 KB 601 Comments: 0

Map.png Get Out Of My Way

(5 votes)

A cool 6 player map for Armada II by Trevor J. Nice work with the design, the map feels even throughout.

 Trevor J Plikington 2005-12-18   419.80 KB 392 Comments: 1

Map.png Klingon Base Pack

(4 votes)

Klingons what are those......oh nm lol its those blood sucking beasts lol Well this is a 6 player map with all bases protected by Nebulas and Asterio…

 Jeri Hansen 2002-09-30   187.73 KB 568 Comments: 0

Map.png Leftovers

(3 votes)

A very good map, it kinda reminds me of "all roads lead to nirvana" a 4 player map from armada1.

 Grand Poobah 2002-08-02   93.37 KB 567 Comments: 1

Map.png Lylat System

(2 votes)

Ok, a 6-player (I think) map here. It doesn't say in the ReadMe how many players it is for, however i took a glance inside the file and it has 6 camer…

 Admiral_Icehawk 2007-01-26   141.50 KB 515 Comments: 7

Map.png MP Gold 2

(0 votes)

This map is reminicent of Best Defense, but without the mutara nebluae at the outlet of the bases.

 SGC Dominion 2002-06-10   232.58 KB 467 Comments: 0

Map.png MP06Earth

(2 votes)

This map is basicaly the solar system with a few wierd additions (eg borg transwarp portal etc).

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-11-06   24.95 KB 673 Comments: 5

Map.png mp06map1 Map

(3 votes)

This is a pretty cool map that I made. if you like wormholes this map is for you.Yes it is a very nice map, losts of wormholes, i like this.

 Pinky 2005-05-14   45.25 KB 293 Comments: 2