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Map.png 6Katana

(3 votes)

This map is from armada 1 (star trek Vs star wars Mod) it was a good map so I did it armada 2. It big them the A1 map.

 Jeri Hansen 2003-01-19   60.66 KB 649 Comments: 0

Map.png 6Pack

(1 vote)

This map has a nice premise, but it could use more objects in the bases; most of it is blank space...

 Swindad2 2002-06-10   45.73 KB 544 Comments: 1

Map.png 6Wasup1

(5 votes)

This map is the most used map in A2. It lets you take any strategy you want, and execute it. SUP is a genius for making this map.

 SUP 2002-07-16   20.59 KB 696 Comments: 1

Map.png 6Zexx1

(1 vote)

This map is similar to 6Wasup, but the teams are in corners rather than top-down.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-07-16   19.79 KB 407 Comments: 0

Map.png 8472 Base V 2

(2 votes)

Now this map has just gotten better with more protection. All the bases are spread apart evenly.

 Jeri Hansen 2002-09-21   63.97 KB 885 Comments: 0

Map.png 8472 Base V 1

(2 votes)

Wow now this is a nice map. All the bases are spread apart evenly. Oops stay away from the center or your dead.

 Jeri Hansen 2002-09-21   132.57 KB 598 Comments: 1

Map.png A Dare 1.0

(6 votes)

This map is a little more natural looking than the last arena style map. It's still for Fleet Ops only , so don't put in a stock game and watch it cra…

 Darko 2004-09-07   61.56 KB 554 Comments: 5

Map.png AOS Map 1

(0 votes)

This map is pretty poorly designed. The class M in the middle's gravity well takes up 3/4 of the entire playfield.

 The AOS Clan 2002-06-10   33.38 KB 359 Comments: 0

Map.png Assault Map - 6 player

(1 vote)

New assault map from Weldon aka sweldon. Six players. Very large. Oddly includes a picture of Snoopy on the mend in place of a screen capture.

 Sweldon 2008-02-10   54.76 KB 401 Comments: 2

Map.png Asteriod Field 2 V2

(7 votes)

This is the same as Jeris old Asteriod map but this now has 6 players and there is still a maze of asteriods. This is a nice map.

 Jeri Hansen 2002-09-30   68.93 KB 596 Comments: 0