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Map.png Nemesis Core

(6 votes)

One of the best maps of A1 is converted for A2! This map makes it easy for 3 players to launch a huge attack on enemies =)

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-07-16   65.57 KB 1,650 Comments: 2

Map.png O by Trevor J Pilkington

(0 votes)

This map has a big latter O in the middel with a lot of ship in it with no one on broad but there are some Borg ships a live who kill the others.

 Trevor J Plikington 2002-11-02   40.56 KB 387 Comments: 0

Map.png outer space

(3 votes)

This is an 6 player map with 8 wormholes check it out look quite kool

 Chakotay 2004-07-11   37.23 KB 364 Comments: 0

Map.png Quadrents

(2 votes)

This large map is designed so that each race starts off in there part of space in the trek world (eg: Borg start in borg space).

 Msnts2 2003-11-08   67.67 KB 639 Comments: 8

Map.png Radio Active Nebula 3.0

(3 votes)

Another addon to the great map by Jeri i hope everyone enjoys this DOWNLOAD NOW ---voyager009

 Jeri Hansen 2002-10-22   141.32 KB 422 Comments: 0

Map.png Romulan Base V 3

(1 vote)

*Greedy* Latnium all this Latnium and its all mine.... Okay i am done being greedy now onto the review.

 Jeri Hansen 2002-09-21   62.42 KB 438 Comments: 2

Map.png Romulan Base V 2

(2 votes)

Singing: " We're off to see the Romulan Base, Because because because of all the horrible thangs they do...." *coughs* Man all this Gas...

 Jeri Hansen 2002-09-21   78.19 KB 337 Comments: 0

Map.png Romulan Base V 1

(2 votes)

Romulans, Romulans Oh My the Universe has gone crazy. This is a 6 person map with an Romulan base in the Center.

 Jeri Hansen 2002-09-21   45.13 KB 330 Comments: 0

Map.png SFU 3Vs3 Teamplay map 1.1

(9 votes)

Designed for a maximum of 6 players This map is ideal for a 3 vs.3 Match or free for all. Raw materials are in abundance.

 SFU_Jack 2009-06-01   63.10 KB 363 Comments: 0

Map.png Ship Haven

(5 votes)

A six player map with a huge field of deralict ships in the center.Better get there quick,with a ship that has alot of crew on it ; ).At each starting…

 Jeri Hansen 2003-01-19   49.35 KB 1,229 Comments: 1