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Map.png 4Midsuprise

(7 votes)

This is a nice map for long matches, and with a special suprise in the middle

 Mike74656 2002-08-08   59.39 KB 1,164 Comments: 1

Map.png 4Planet

(0 votes)

This is a simple map with a planet in each corner.

 Hary Janeway 2002-08-01   11.86 KB 411 Comments: 1

Map.png 4Sfc1

(3 votes)

This is a good map, but the wide openness of the bases can get frustrating.

 Lt. Commander UNDERTAKER 2002-06-07   26.48 KB 370 Comments: 0

Map.png 4Triforce

(2 votes)

As you can see by the title, this map is based on the Triforce from the Legend of Zelda series.

 The Dominion 2002-06-07   38.50 KB 559 Comments: 0

Map.png 4War

(1 vote)

A basic map with 2 bases, top and bottom, seperated by asteriods and connected by a wormhole.

 CBorg 10 of 100 2002-06-06   14.00 KB 430 Comments: 0

Map.png 4War1

(0 votes)

This map is a pretty basic base-oriented map, with lots of resources in each base.

 DocAE 2002-06-06   59.39 KB 410 Comments: 0

Map.png 4War3

(3 votes)

A Variation of the 4War map, this one has romulan and 8472 defenses guarding the main wormhole, and has deralict stations positioned at each starting…

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-07-16   13.79 KB 359 Comments: 0

Map.png 4warcircle

(2 votes)

This is the A2 version of the highly popular warcircle series from the original Armada.

 Lotus107 2002-07-30   35.87 KB 719 Comments: 0

Map.png 4Whatsup

(0 votes)

A Base oriented map, but the bases are a tad small...otherwise it's a nice map.

 CBorg 10 of 100 2002-06-07   28.21 KB 363 Comments: 0

Map.png 4zu4

(0 votes)

This is a really funky looking map! Not quite sure what its ment to represent but it reminds me of looking through a kolidascope.

 Svarsmannen 2004-12-16   51.80 KB 271 Comments: 0