Dead Space Dead Space

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Omega_Mod_God, 2009-11-21

Four player map for Fleet Operations.

This is your basic rectangular map that is basically nothing more than a common 2vs2 type of map. On the other hand, it does have the slight challenge due to the lack of lighting. Biggrin

It's big, dark and full of adversaries. Like deep space.

This is one map I'd like to see for stock A2 as well. But for now, just for FlOps.



Dimensions: 20000*10000

Tip: The only light in this map is one light that is basically black, so you need to keep your eyes peeled for what would appear like ship&apos;s engines (those usually glow).

Players: 4
Non-Players: 0

Additional info: This is a very simple map, you have a decent number of moons on each side that can well support two players. And there is a basic asteroid wall, wormholes to each side, and a Murata nebula for occasional cover (not that big though).

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