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TopDogJWJW, 2008-03-08

This is a large map for A2 split up into many small squares connected by wormholes. Your seperated from your starting resources and its incredibly easy to seperate a player from any resources at all, so I'd have to call this a rush friendly map.

- Freyr

This is nice big map for Armada 2 with lots of wormholes and squares made by asteroids, since no one starts near any resources, you will have to branch out and find them. It also might work best when playing this map to relocate your starting base to a square with resources.

Installation: Place the "squares.bzn" and "squares.bmp" files in your "bzn" folder located in your Armada II root directory.

Credits: Map made by TopDogJW.

Version  1.0  Author  TopDogJWJW  Website  Website external 
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#1 Eluvatar 2008-03-08 13:36
this map is for squares !!!Drink nice map :D
#2 TopDogJW 2008-03-23 12:33
Hey, thanks Eluvtar!

Ummm, why is my developer name have an extra "JW"? And who do i contact to fix that?

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