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Model.png D'renxus-Class Starhawk for A1

(0 votes)

This mod includes two versions of this ship: a down swept and an upswept winged version.

 Pepperman 2012-01-11   5.20 MB 333 Comments: 0

Model.png Advanced Romulan Construction Ship for A1 for A1

(0 votes)

This one comes with the advanced Romulan conship seen in the screencap below, but also a "Tal Shi'ar" shipyard.

 Pepperman 2008-06-15   1.55 MB 555 Comments: 2

Model.png Ael' hlaiim Class Warbird

(3 votes)

The most incredibly avian-looking warbird ever is now available in A1 thanks to Pepperman.

 Pepperman 2009-04-03   3.11 MB 597 Comments: 8

Model.png D'eshara Class Warbird 1.0

(0 votes)

Introducing the Romulan D'eshara Class Warbird. Design brought to you by Galen/Kaden (GK) Designs with the model and textures being supplied by yours…

 Pepperman 2011-11-28   3.33 MB 313 Comments: 0

Model.png D'eshara Class Warbird 2.0

(0 votes)

Version 2.0 adds the necessary files to include an alpha channel version for Armada 1.

 Pepperman 2011-11-28   6.00 MB 371 Comments: 0

Model.png D'eshara Class Warbird 2.0

(1 vote)

Version 2.0 adds the necessary files to include an alpha channel version for Armada 1.

 Pepperman 2011-11-28   6.00 MB 62 Comments: 0

Model.png D'tallax Class Warbird for A1

(1 vote)

A nice Romulan design, the D'tallax sort of reminds one of the Melak design, fitting somewhere before the D'deridex in Romulan ship evolution but equi…

 frostmourn4 2009-05-27   547.16 KB 442 Comments: 5

Model.png Reman Scythe Class Battle Cruiser

(7 votes)

Having watched this one build step by step in the forums, I can only say this: Pepperman, you've outdone yourself.

 Pepperman 2010-02-09   1.71 MB 603 Comments: 12

Model.png Reman Warbird Scimitar for A1

(4 votes)

The Reman Warbird is an armed and dangerous predator. The ship is equipped with a large number of disruptor cannons, photon torpedo launchers, and bo…

 Pepperman 2008-06-16   2.15 MB 1,261 Comments: 5

Model.png Romualn Griffin Class Cruiser 1.0

(1 vote)

This mod tweaks the Romulan Griffin Class Cruiser adding modified textures, and weapons.

 Pepperman 2009-01-31   1.93 MB 435 Comments: 3