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Generic.png Dark Blue Blackhole

(11 votes)

This is a really nice redesign of the black hole to give it a dark blue effect.

 frostmourn4 2009-04-27   47.88 KB 1,065 Comments: 12

Generic.png Future Tense (New) Trailer

(6 votes)

Well, you've read the title folks. this is a new trailer released by the Future Tense team.

 Future Tense Team 2007-03-08   26.40 MB 1,533 Comments: 22

Generic.png Future Tense 4 Minute Opening Teaser

(8 votes)

"Wow". Now, onto the review for this Armada2Files/AFC exclusive! This is the first 4 minutes (of about 13) from the opening video to Future Tense.

 Future Tense Team 2007-05-12   23.38 MB 1,835 Comments: 20

Generic.png LCARS Federation GUI

(1 vote)

Here is (as reuqested by the community) the new LCARS Federation GUI made by frostmourn4.

 frostmourn4 2008-11-10   95.11 KB 781 Comments: 6

Generic.png New Shield Disabled Effect

(3 votes)

I was never a fan of the whole "shields down effect" concept. It seemed to me like, when the shields were down, they'd be down all the way, not a sort…

 frostmourn4 2008-11-07   7.78 KB 878 Comments: 14

Generic.png Sod Exporter

(7 votes)

This, apparently, is a sod exporter for 3dsmax.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-05-22   124.83 KB 1,202 Comments: 2

Generic.png Year of Fire - Trailer II

(6 votes)

Those who know me know I like custom designs and made up universe's; I like the imagination involved and the inspiration in it to expand...but this is…

 iOSYS 2007-08-12   31.83 MB 1,463 Comments: 5

Generic.png Year of Fire Trailer 2006

(2 votes)

This is a trailer for an Armada 1 modification named "Year of Fire" - scheduled for release in 2007.

 iOSYS 2006-09-30   24.43 MB 1,054 Comments: 5