New Shield Disabled Effect New Shield Disabled Effect

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frostmourn4, 2008-11-07

I was never a fan of the whole "shields down effect" concept. It seemed to me like, when the shields were down, they'd be down all the way, not a sort of electric shimmer all around the ship. When playing against human players, it only makes your unshielded targets that much more unfavourably highlighted compared to the other vessels in a formation. And making mods that relied on ships to have no shields at all (such as the Borg or Species 8472, or hull-polarized ENT-era stuff), it got really annoying-- fast.

From frostmourn comes a new shields-down effect that doesn't look bad when, as in the picture, it's a Galaxy-class starship you're using it on. In fact, it looks awesome. It's a considerable improvement over stock, in fact. I think there's a fair number of us, however, who don't particularly miss the old effect all that much.

Worth a look.


* New Shield Dissabled Effect
* By:
* - Cabal

Setup Instructions:
1. Download file
Download file, virus check and extract files to a known location other than the Armada directory

2. Copy files

Copy the *.SOD to your Armada SOD directory
C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek - ArmadaSOD

Copy the graphics files (*.tga) to your Armada TexturesRgb Directory
C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek - ArmadaTexturesRGB

3. Modify the tex_anim.spr to add animation references

Open the tex_anim.spr file located in the Sprites folder.
C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek - ArmadaSprites

Add the following lines to the end of the file.
# animation for shield death
@animation tex2x2die
offset 16 2.0 step
# Automatically generate keyframes

4. Have fun with the new shield dissabled effect

I hope you enjoy this addition to ST Armada. Have fun.

5. Contact Info

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of the addon.

Cabal -

6. Legal

This material is not made or supported by Activision or MAD DOC Software. This material
is freeware and may not be used for commercial purposes! By installing this addon, you
(the user) agree to and assume all risks of said addon. As a result, I take no
responsibility for any damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. Activision is a
registered trademark of Activision, Inc. All rights reserved. All other trademarks
and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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#11 pepecha 2008-11-15 08:45
:borg: excelent job
#12 frostmourn4 2009-03-12 20:38
@#10, It's a little late, but make sure to add the texture animation reference.
#13 Chief_Chainsaw 2009-04-29 18:03
Did we ever establish whether or not this does actually work in A2?
#14 Chief_Chainsaw 2009-05-08 20:40
this DOES work for A2 and looks AWESOME!!!

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