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dan1025, 2008-05-22

Many people consider "Endgame" to be among the best episodes of Voyager, and possibly the best series finale (and series wrap-up) in Trek. In that episode, the intrepid (no pun intended) crew made their way home at last, with a little help from the future, the Borg, and a neurolytic pathogen. Mmmmmm, technobabble.

Part of the advanced modifications made by Admiral Janeway to Captain Janeway's vessel included the transphasic torpedo (already released on this site, and very nifty), but also hull armour for the Voyager. This hull armour made the difference when the Voyager cut its way through the Borg, costing Admiral Janeway her life, but thankfully not Captain Janeway nor the crew. Everyone made it home. Well, except for Neelix. He already was home.

Anyway, dan1025 has gone to considerable lengths to give us MRJOHN's Armoured Intrepid model, originally released for Bridge Commander. There are two .SOD files available. One (which you could use for a hero-ship Voyager) stands around 4400 poly, while the other (useful for standard Intrepid class ships, with armour) about 2400. (This, of course, begs the question of why Starfleet wouldn't use armour on ALL Federation starships after Voyager's return.... which leads to awkward questions about Nemesis.... and the Enterprise-J.... and basically everything post-VOY. And nobody wants to go there yet. Not even Paramount.... though we desperately wish they would already!!!)

This mod is fully and completely what we hope for here at A2Files. Along with the double-.SOD, there's high res textures, a full complement of .ODF files, build buttons and special weapon buttons, a wireframe and an Admiral's Log pic.

All you need to do is install the mod, and then add the weapon to your Intrepid Class. The mod uses a fusion weapon so you can deploy and retract the armour at will.

Note that the armour prevents you from having any shields. The .ODFs are balanced to make the armour fairly realistic, all things considered.

(One would think, given this limitation, that the Borg would've solved their Voyager problem by simply beaming a whole platoon of drones on board and having them assimilate everyone and everything on board. But never mind. Thinking too much again.)

Anyway, this is a spectacular mod, worthy of your highest attentions, ESPECIALLY if you're a Voyager fan.

Download this one now!


I've been given permission by MrJohn to convert his Armoured Intrepid Class model that he released on Bridge Commander Files, and release it on a2files. I've included 2 SOD files, one with a poly count of around 4400, and one with a reduced poly count of around 2400.

Included in this mod are:

Higher poly .SOD file
Lower poly .SOD file
Ship textures (with lightmaps)
Special weapon buttons (for armour deployment and retraction)
Ship ODF
Special weapon ODF's
AdmiralsLog picture


Installation Instructions:

1. Place your choice of either the lower or higher poly SOD file into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/SOD folder.
2. Place all files found in the RGB folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Textures/RGB folder.
3. Place "fed_intrepid_armour.odf" into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/odf/ships folder.
4. Place the ODF files found in the special_weapons folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/odf/special_weapons folder.
5. Place the "fed_intrepid_armour.bmp" file found in the ShipImages folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder.
6. Find the file named "gui_global.spr" found in the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Sprites folder and open it (use notepad).

Search for where it says:

"special weapon buttons"

and underneath where it says:



b_fed_deployarmour GBfed_deployarmour 0 0 64 64
b_fed_retractarmour GBfed_retractarmour 0 0 64 64

Now search for where it says:

"Federation wireframes"

and add:


fed_intrepid_armourw1 WFfed_intrepid_armour 0 0 64 64
fed_intrepid_armourw2 WFfed_intrepid_armour 0 0 64 64
fed_intrepid_armourw3 WFfed_intrepid_armour 0 0 64 64
fed_intrepid_armourw5 WFfed_intrepid_armour 0 0 64 64
fed_intrepid_armourw5 WFfed_intrepid_armour 0 0 64 64

Save and close the file.

7. Find the file named "" in the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/techtree folder and open it (use notepad).

Underneath where it says:

"Federation Special Weapons"


fed_retractarmour.odf 0
fed_deployarmour.odf 0

Save and close the file.

9. Find the file named "" in the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/techtree folder and open it (use notepad).

At the top of the file add:

fed_retractarmour.odf 0
fed_deployarmour.odf 0

Save and close the file.

10. Open the odf file of your Intrepid Class.

Add at the bottom of the list of weapons:

weaponX = "fed_deployarmour"
weaponHardpointsX = "hp01" (where X is the number after the last one on the list).

Save and close the file.


Credits & Thanks:

Credit for the armour model goes to MrJohn
Credit for the textures goes to MrJohn
Credit for the original model goes to Rick Knox

A big thanks to Activision for releasing this game and giving us all something fun to mod and improve upon :)

If you want to use this mod for something you plan to release, you may need to contact MrJohn, as it is his model and texture. For more details on this you can always e-mail me at:

Hope you enjoy the mod! :)

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#11 Scruff 2008-05-28 12:04
its just dark, all odf's are in the right folder, and from what i can see so are is all the other stuff,
#12 dan1025 2008-05-28 13:51
Make sure you added the lines to both techtree files and that they end in ".odf 0"
#13 Wolfis_52 2008-06-02 11:37
I wonder, does this special weapon exhaust special energy of the ship?
#14 dan1025 2008-06-02 21:15
No the weapon doesn't use special energy.
#15 Wolfis_52 2008-06-07 04:07
Then you can have an army of armoured Interpids until the game ends (I know that you can deactivate it any time, but no-one will do that!), and that will definitely ruin the balance in the game.

All other special weapons drain energy, so why shouldn't this one do it as well?
#16 pacsouljah 2008-06-10 11:07
This ship looks very canon to the one from voyager, both models and textures look brilliant in-game, bummer that you can't use phasers though, but that's okay, who needs phaser when you can shoot transphasic torpedoes to blow away the competition right? But I disagree that the voyager finale is among the best series finale in Trek. The voyager finale has done nothing short of declawing the most fearsome species in the galaxy and rendering them obsolete, which as a trek fan, I severely deplore,(writers at paramount must know that many fans of the franchise watch star trek specifically for the Borg, such as myself). As for why starfleet didn't equip all vessels with the ablative hull armor, I suspect the temporal directive is what is preventing them from doing so, after all, it is technology from the future, and any use of it would constitute a violation of the temporal prime directive, not to mention give the federation a severe tactical advantage over everyone in the alpha and beta quadrants. And of course, the federation council, in their infinite wisdom(note the sarcasm), would of course be altruistic enough to not give themselves a leg up in the competition.... and I was actually looking forward to a borg war post-voyager or post nemesis!...dear god....
#17 starwarswins 2008-06-26 17:58

1. Even by Nemisis it would take some more time to put armor on all ships.

2. Admiral Janeway was only 10 or 15 years into the future therfore Enterprise J has MUCH better armor because it is 500 years into the future.

3. To prevent borgs transporting through the armor they could have turned on the shields just below it or the armor may block the transporters all together.
#18 Brian_William 2008-08-02 10:27

I had installed this ship onto STA2 and I can build my Intepid but the Special Weapons button is dark, I have read the above comments and went through your readme and I still can't get it to work.

Can someone please help me

#19 BoAScorpius 2009-01-06 20:50
Heya, my problem is a bit different. (First time using mods on Armada 2. :P )

Anyway, The button shows up just fiine and everything, but when I click it, the game crashes.

Any ideas?

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