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Generic.png Federation Starship Database

(7 votes)

Here is a strange but interesting little file for you, a database of Federation shipnames which will be present in the forthcoming Star Trek Armada II…

 k_merse 2007-10-04   28.72 KB 1,329 Comments: 0

Generic.png More Klingon Ship Names

(2 votes)

Well, as it is said in the title, this is (put simply) another list of Klingon Ship Names.

 thunderfoot006 2006-09-19   6.02 KB 754 Comments: 3

Generic.png Nebula & Galaxy HP Maps

(1 vote)

Here we have the latest installment for the HP Ship Maps. This time it is the turn of the Federation's Nebula and Galaxy Classes.

 adm_tyler 2007-08-16   204.64 KB 751 Comments: 4

Generic.png Pre-Zero Hour Backgrounds

(4 votes)

Ok, a few backgrounds here that I was using for Zero Hour, though I've now found better ones.The rest of what this is can be read via the ReadMe.

 Transmission 2007-01-26   7.50 MB 1,450 Comments: 13

Generic.png Ship Names & Registries

(3 votes)

Well, a nice little text file with Ship Names & Registration Numbers (a vast improvment to the one we had in not so long ago) - Anyhow, a nice qui…

 seaquest3062 2006-01-23   9.34 KB 1,407 Comments: 4

Generic.png Sophos Anti Virus Klingon Edition

(0 votes)

Sophos has finally released their anti virus product for errant klingon warriors lacking anti virus protection.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2009-05-19   4.00 KB 237 Comments: 4

Generic.png Sovereign & B'rel HP Maps

(3 votes)

This mod contains a HardPoints Map for both the stock B'rel and Sovereign Class starships.

 adm_tyler 2007-07-21   187.27 KB 801 Comments: 6

Generic.png Space Odyssey Accessories

(2 votes)

Some accessories for the Space Odyssey ships that were uploaded not that long ago.

 Admiral_Icehawk 2006-12-24   1.75 MB 811 Comments: 0

Generic.png TMP Fed Back

(4 votes)

A new federation Gui made by an unknwon author.Download if you want.In my opinion,I wouldnt because the colors are a neon green and neon blue sitting…

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-01-20   44.30 KB 774 Comments: 1

Generic.png USS Space Ball

(10 votes)

Warning: fowl language enclosed This MOD reuses the galaxy class modle but adds the voice of dark helmet from space balls the movie, please note th…

 paulhanselluk 2005-07-25   479.79 KB 890 Comments: 7