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Generic.png A2 Upgrade project International to English conversion

(8 votes)

This pack will convert any International version of Armada II to an English installation.

 TParis 2007-02-03   147.86 MB 1,604 Comments: 11

Generic.png Additional Designs Map

(3 votes)

This map isn't a real map but a blank map filled with objects you normally can't place on your maps, when you create a new map you can leave some ob…

 Damar 2004-03-28   200.45 KB 962 Comments: 5

Generic.png AI Temporal Race

(1 vote)

Uhm.. I don't quite know exactly what this is, apart from what I am guessing is an AI Update for a Mod by Yacuzza? - Ash

 Unknown / Anonymous 2007-06-02   9.21 KB 690 Comments: 5

Generic.png Armada 2 Upgrade Project 1.2.1

(39 votes)

Some things don't need to be complicated to be good. If they were, we'd all be doing quantum mathematics.

 Freyr 2006-01-11   4.61 MB 6,315 Comments: 42

Generic.png Armada II Upgrade Project 1.3.1

(10 votes)

Almost a year ago, in fact as one of my first uploads, I had the honour of putting up a non-mod.

 Freyr 2006-12-18   18.43 MB 3,985 Comments: 12

Generic.png Assimilation Animation

(6 votes)

Quote from readme: This modification is dedicated to the Star Trek: Assimilation mod.

 WASAAP 2003-03-09   6.32 MB 1,301 Comments: 1

Generic.png Blank fonts and pause dialog Version 2

(5 votes)

This supersedes the original blank fonts mod that I produced a couple of years back for taking action shots for screenshots and POTD's.

 Freyr 2008-09-27   39.71 KB 744 Comments: 2

Generic.png Cardassian Buildbuttons & Wireframes 1.0

(6 votes)

Not content to simply let the Cardassian vessels he's added to the game be as awesome as they have been, with stock wireframes and buildbuttons, Dan10…

 dan1025 2008-12-13   148.16 KB 763 Comments: 5

Generic.png Constitution & Constitution Refit HP Maps

(5 votes)

Introducing another HP Map Mod. This mod contains a HardPoints Map for both FahreS' Constitution and Captain Finger's Constitution Class refit.

 adm_tyler 2007-07-24   154.70 KB 789 Comments: 1

Generic.png Dominion Map Editor Addon 1.0

(4 votes)

This adds all the ships and stuff from the "Dominion Ultimate v1.1" mod to your map editor!

 Kahless 2003-07-20   2.45 KB 826 Comments: 0