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Map.png background pack (part 1) 1.2

(11 votes)

This is the first part of my background pack. I made these for the first 4 federation singleplayer missions.They will replace the stock files, if not…

 don_quijote 2010-10-05   38.70 MB 709 Comments: 12

Map.png Blank fonts and pause dialog

(4 votes)

People have been wondering about how I produce my action shots for quite a while, so I think its about time I spill the beans.

 Freyr 2006-06-22   496.41 KB 575 Comments: 6

Map.png Dead Sun

(1 vote)

The idea is simple really. The quadrant was dominated by a large sun and surronding planets but now it's all gone Super Nova! The sun is exploding a…

 Dark Star 2005-01-26   50.74 KB 974 Comments: 0

Map.png Harman System

(7 votes)

In the "Mirror Universe," Harman was home to a peaceful civilization who had recently developed warp technology.

 Spiko747 2005-06-28   125.27 KB 881 Comments: 3

Map.png Map Units Pack 1

(5 votes)

Hello, this file contains a map I made (one of my first playable, I really have a struggle with map-making) and some unique ships and stations that ar…

 R5D5 2011-07-01   10.11 MB 483 Comments: 4

Map.png Orion Nebula beckground beta

(6 votes)

This is a beta version of the orion nebula BACKGROUND i made for the singleplayer (fed mission "Invasion") campaign of Armada 2.

 don_quijote 2010-09-11   22.70 MB 510 Comments: 7

Map.png Star System 13

(0 votes)

I'm not sure how many players fit on this map, but it looks interesting, give it a try

 Sonic14 2005-01-26   88.26 KB 615 Comments: 0

Map.png Terradyhne Map Background

(3 votes)

A Map Background made (via Photoshop) made by Terradyhne. Being the colour that it is, I'd imagine good for girls, and others that like Pink - Ash

 Terradyhne 2007-02-18   2.61 MB 515 Comments: 10

Map.png TJP Fed Last Base II

(1 vote)

Since the First has done well I thought do anther one. The Fed do not have as mush thing as they did last time but they not very happy and they there…

 Trevor J Plikington 2005-07-08   1.16 MB 680 Comments: 0

Map.png TOS - Blood Bath 0.1

(1 vote)

When i first downloaded this I thought it might have something to do with the original series in some way, but I was mistaken, just a clan name, anywa…

 Q’acheq Haech 2005-01-26   96.47 KB 554 Comments: 1