Orion Nebula beckground Orion Nebula beckground

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don_quijote, 2010-09-11

This is a beta version of the orion nebula BACKGROUND i made for the singleplayer (fed mission "Invasion") campaign of Armada 2.

Test it and give comment.

This is a beta Version of the orion nebula i made for the singleplayer (fed mission "Invasion") campaign of Armada 2.

Keep in mind:

- this a beta version, not finished
- uploaded to get some voices from the community
- made for the Armada 2 upgrade project, so the Backround has no starfield,
because the starfield is provided by the layer in front of (but its possible to make a version with a starfield)

1. Unzip files in a seperate folder.
2. Make a backup of your existing files situated in the Armada 2/texture/RGB folder
3. Replace the the origian files with thes ones.
4. Look if you like it.

...or rename the files and use in map editor.

Made with original NASA stuff.

What you think about placing object like planets in the background?
On the one hand its a problem, because they do not change the distance (but this could be plausible
because the operating radius within a map is relative small), on the other hand i think it just looks good

just tell me what you think!



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#1 Jetfreak 2010-09-11 18:32
Definitely worth the download, amazing work and its pretty seamless :-)
#2 MoffVaipa 2010-09-12 03:00
Looks beatifull :-) 10/10
#3 HighGuardKnight 2010-09-12 03:48
looks stunning - a little "busy" somehow, but it is incredibly breathtaking
#4 Omega_Mod_God 2010-09-13 04:15
I am so putting this in my Fleet Ops mod!
#5 dan1025 2010-09-13 14:32
I love this, I hope to see more backgrounds from you in the future :-)
#6 don_quijote 2010-09-13 16:12

you will ;-)
#7 don_quijote 2010-09-19 14:37
i will release a pack of backgrounds in this style, high resolution and realistic looking....aaaand without visible seams. but may will take a while ;-)

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