4 Player Team map 4 Player Team map

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Sweldon, 2003-04-18

This is a team map, a good one by the looks of it. SWeldon spent 3 days of testing, so bugs probably won't occur. A great download!

Dear Player;

This is a 4 Player Team Map I would SuggestPLaying Top Vs Bottom ON it,
But It's up to you I hope you like and enjoy this map as well as I have per
Previous Play's I've had on this mpa with the Past Three day s of testing
then Multi-Playing on it. I also hope you enjoy the MiniMap I included and
edited for this map.

I have also Noticed many of you wish to make your own mini Map or custome Mini-
Map.So I'll tell you a litle Trick Make Pixel Width Heigth 160X160 and all can see
the map. Also if you wish to use an already made image, and dont wish to lose any of
it's quality/Image Viewing area.I recommend Downloading Ultimate Paint. You can find it's
home page Via Almost any Search engine, and it's Totally FreeWare. No Adds nor any of that
Painful stuff. It will also Make and or edit any TGA file for those Ship / Mod Makers :)

Also a Thanks To Armada2Files.com for begin the best type of site to help all of us.
Especially with thier Patients and understanding of what it's like to wanna maek a Game
Special for you and al those around you.

SWeldon Aka [6th]AdmE4R "
Second in Command of Star FLeet Mobile Attack Fleet { 6th FLeet }

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#1 chrisedmund 2003-04-18 05:49
Screen shot are supposted to be show the map
#2 book 2003-04-18 08:24
is there a law for that? we can put pics of whatever we want although a pic of the map would be better
#3 STGamerNew2002 2003-04-18 09:31
Well, true there's really no LAW on placing whatever pic for map on this site(from what I've read on rules), but if one REALLY take pride in one's own work and like to share it with ours in hopes to get some comments, maybe a decent pic of the main subject in statement would be good - just my opinion. :D
#4 weldon 2003-04-18 14:43
Map Image Stored as *._Bm .Here it is reconverted for you Guy's :-)


#5 weldon 2003-04-18 17:45
Been having really bad day with some I*** ,but posted

link is normal map[image If you all like to see it just type it into wed address text asre of browser .Then You'll See Min map Origanlly set for this map .I forgot To let you Know it Was A BMp redo With Min map included as *._BM file Drink
#6 book 2003-04-21 09:54
chris, who made you a tech support guy?
#7 Aishaacara2 2003-04-22 17:49
Ok, that made no sense. o_O "No warnings please!!!! now this is a warning

don't post warnings anyone!!!!"

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