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Model.png Dominion carrier 2.0

(0 votes)

Upgraded textures always mean a better looking game object. This is undeniably true, whether it's a ship, a station, a weapon....

 Weyoun782 2008-12-07   1.41 MB 580 Comments: 6

Model.png Dominion Carrier for Armada 1

(1 vote)

This is a conversion of the Dominion Carrier by Wrath of Achilles, to A1, by Pepperman and Weyoun.

 Weyoun782 2008-12-05   720.10 KB 344 Comments: 12

Model.png High Guard Mod

(26 votes)

This mod turns the Federation into the High Guard (kinda cool). Ship names range form: Andromada Accendant to Pax Magelanic.

 Chris Edmund 2004-05-19   2.57 MB 2,903 Comments: 13

Model.png Lyran Tiger Class

(7 votes)

Ever wanted those Lyran Ships from SFC so come and kill the Borg Cube for you? Now You Can! Lovely ship Some with an ESG from the game! DOWNLOAD NOW!

 icewolf132 2005-04-25   415.84 KB 1,501 Comments: 6