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ModelStarbase.png Advanced Dominion Fortress

(10 votes)

This adds a stronger fortress with advanced weapons to the Dominion race.

 STGamerNew2002 2003-09-03   1.79 MB 1,739 Comments: 11

ModelStarbase.png Bajoran Starbase 2.0

(5 votes)

Gotta hand it to CanadianBorg on this one. Starting from yesterday's upload (that was fast) he's put together a second version of the Bajoran starbase…

 CanadianBorg 2008-07-24   2.48 MB 551 Comments: 2

ModelStarbase.png Bajoran Starbase

(7 votes)

Neat idea from CanadianBorg-- a Bajoran starbase. Based on an asteroid (as Bajoran bases probably would have to be, someplace nice and hidden from the…

 CanadianBorg 2008-07-23   1,005.53 KB 451 Comments: 11

ModelStarbase.png Battlestar Galactica Station

(10 votes)

Nice station for use with a Battlestar Galactica mod, for the Colonial forces.

 Pro_X 2009-05-04   76.53 KB 431 Comments: 5

ModelStarbase.png Dominion Transwarp Gate Mod New Installation version

(4 votes)

This is the SMALLER SIZE installation version of the Dominion's Transwarp Portal Gate Station.

 STGamerNew2002 2004-01-12   687.81 KB 1,074 Comments: 3

ModelStarbase.png Hypergate

(12 votes)

A cool design by Terradyhne of a Gate that acts like a Transwarp portal

 Terradyhne 2002-10-18   311.32 KB 1,802 Comments: 8

ModelStarbase.png Libra

(5 votes)

Great station that you can add to any race. Personally i would add it to the borg cause it would fit in the best

 Koby 2002-07-15   140.60 KB 1,053 Comments: 4

ModelStarbase.png Mercenary Pack

(2 votes)

New pirate stuff from CanadianBorg. The raider is a kitbash of stock ships, and the station is a variation on a theme he's been working all week-- ast…

 CanadianBorg 2008-07-25   11.51 MB 880 Comments: 12

ModelStarbase.png P Fleet 2.0

(2 votes)

Star Trek: The Pirkinning gets another addition to the world of Armada with the second release for the "P Fleet".

 adm_tyler 2007-09-18   7.29 MB 774 Comments: 3

ModelStarbase.png Realistic Bases 1.3 1.3

(0 votes)

Update to the Realistic Bases mod

 8472pinkblobs 2004-10-20   310.41 KB 816 Comments: 1