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Koby, 2002-07-15

Great station that you can add to any race. Personally i would add it to the borg cause it would fit in the best

Readme file for the Libra Battle Station

ODF/Weapon texture: Epytron Omega
Sod/Ship texture: Terradyne

first put the files in the following directory

ODF\'s in the ODF\'s section Weapon int he weapon/pulse and the ship in the ships
SOD in the SOD\'s section
TGA\'s in the Texture/RGB file

be sure to add the following lines in the weapon\'s sprite document

hppulse hyppuls 0 0 128 32

and add this line to a shipyard

buildItemX = \"libra\" X being the next number in the build list

and add this line to the techtree files and

libra.odf 0

to uninstall do the opposite of the direction to install.

if you notice any bugs email me at for i am the one who made the
odf and i shall be the one who will attempt to fix it.

Tank you for trying this mod out.

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#1 Adrune 2002-10-30 07:12
I can see it now :borg: "Lower your Shields! resistance is futile! { and the Oz and White Fang faction froze in fear; the rest is history}"
#2 Adrune 2002-10-30 07:17
Pls Make a Macross Ship-Starbase, Centradi Batteships for the Klingons, Meltradi Battleships for the Romulans, and Invid Ships for SP8472 = Its a Robo-tech idea only if u can :thumbsup:
#3 son_of_vegeta 2002-12-15 23:45
Nice work on a long-overdue anime mod. Not may of them out there (it breaks the heart...).

#4 Guest 2003-02-09 20:04
lol noww all we need is a wing zero or wing zero custum

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