Star Trek Armada 2 : Art Of War Part 1 Star Trek Armada 2 : Art Of War Part 1

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Wrath of Achilles, 2007-10-13

Here it is, the first release of the new 'Art of War' total conversion for Armada 2, created by Wrath of Achilles!

Included Races:
- Romulans
- The Dominion (Cardassians/Dominion)

Upcoming Races:
- Federation
- Klingons
- Borg

This mod is coming with tons of new ships & stations, new special weapons, new button art, improved special effects and - most important - huge gameplay changes for Armada 2. It feels much more like Armada 1 now, with a few adjustments: no metal to collect, no officers needed to build ships, no planets to colonize (crew is needed though) and no warp!

The ship's physics have changed aswell. They maneuver a lot slower now and can take loads of damage. Ships keep moving most of the time while fighting the enemy, which makes the battles much more exciting. Rock

Whoever liked 'STA1: Alliances' will love this baby! Pimp Download this NOW!

- TParis

Author's note: 'All content credited to me (WrathofAchilles) can be back converted, altered and re-released without permission.. I would appreciate some credit though'

The next installment of AoW is available, including two new races and bug-free enjoyment. Download Part 2 now!

Star Trek Armada 2 : Art Of War (Part 1) by Achilles AKA WrathofAchilles


Just make sure you have a clean install of Star trek armada 2 with the 1.1 patch if needed.
Run the exe (if you want it to install to a directory other that the default one you can change this)
I suggest you restart your computer after loading.


This mod is for Star Trek Armada 2 only!

This is the first installation, the other races will most likely follow one at a time in the order of Klingons then Borg and lastly....Feds.

So I broke my Star Trek Armada 1 disk and was too skint to even buy a copy for quite a while, I hadn't even created a virtual backup :(... and I got very bored so I decided to remake Armada 2 just the way I liked my Armada 1 mods.

There is only two races so far because I'm just doing it as and when inspiration catches me, also whenever I'm short a ship I stop to make it... anyhow here are targets I set myself for my original A1 mod and they still hold true for this mod.

1/ The AI would not build faster than you can destroy (It builds slower than standard A1)
2/ The AI would give me a very strong match (I mean hundreds of ships to a fleet)
3/ You'll need to build lesser ships before building the dreadnoughts (Takes time)
4/ Old ships and stations wouldn't become useless (your old fleets will still count)
5/ Each race will have it's own characteristics (This is very varied but no one races plays even similar)
6/ The balancing would be as near to perfect as I can get it (This does not mean every ship class will be equal power and price at all)
7/ Wherever possible the stock units will be replaced and upgraded (See credits)

The first thing you will notice is the new race selection,of ehich there are only 2 so far
these are.


Good old Roms have the sleekest looking ships and the stealthiest, most irritating specials, I have tried to hold true to this but have also added a vein of more aggressive ships for the times you just want to slap someone down. The Romulans build a lot of heavy cruisers and battleships and attack at an even pace.

The Dominion (Cardassian/Dominion)

The best bad guys ever, actually it is pretty much just a Cardassian race with 5 Dominion ships but I'm happy with it. They attack early and use masses of the attackships to swamp you defences... the best cannon fodder is the cheapest! Late game sees a crazy amount of heavy battleships added to the fleet.

Every race has ships you would expect to see, some newer designs and a few units you wont have seen before. Research has been changed to use ship classification so for example lets take the Romulans,
5 research pods allow certain ships to be built, All research facilities are strong shielded and
each pod carries a multi-targeting weapon. Each race has at least one ship that falls into each of
these catagories.

Destroyer - Research for the Shrike & Seht.
Assault - Research for the Griffin, D'nara, S'vessa & P'dan.
Cruiser - Research for the Norexan, P'veer & Suran.
Battleship - Research for the D'deridex & V'karex.
Dreadnought - Research for the Ibis & D'Avoress.

The resource have been much simplified, Dilithium is the only mineable resource so planets and latinum nebulas aren't used. Crew is accumulated from starbases and Officers are no longer used.
I'm not much of a map maker so there are only 3 maps with this release, only the maps whose names begin "AOW" will play correctly. I've included the Map editor launcher and all the build lists are set, I truly hope to get some maps sent to me.
I made theshield effect inspired, but not taken from Fleet Ops.
Starting units are set by priority (Low/Medium/High) This is basically how strong
I have altered the Camera to be able to scope right out so you can control the fleets better on the larger maps.
The various buildbuttons are available if you wish to add new units to the mod.

There's many other things I've changed over time but to be honest I dont remember what they are, I'm
sure you will notice over time.

Bugs: Seen any bugs? let me know

1/ Some AI ships have varients of the specials, not better just AI freindly.
2/ The Wireframes, load screen and rom buildbuttons are terrible and shall be replaced


This project is in no way affiliated, attached, or authorised by Activision, MadDOC Software, or
any subsidaries, sub divisions, company members or other such affiliates to the aforementioned
companies. They cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions concerning innapropriate
usage of the files contained in this mod. Please refrain from contacting any of the above parties
with regards to problems arising from any kind of usage of the files contained in the mod, as no
support is given. You are responsible for your own usage of this mod, and are dictacted by the
standard terms governing its usage. This includes extrenuating circumstances in which 3rd party
alteration to the included files may cause problems, or damage to the users system. In this case I,
WrathofAchilles, cannot be held liable for such missuse, and will not provide any help or support in
these matters.


Shields, build times and weapons more like armada 1
build times -10%

builtimes 100%
shields 90%
hull 110%
weapon power 150%
weapon speed 145%
weapon distance 110%
weapon accuracy 95%
**emphasis on shields & sensors
**most power in torpedos (additional +25% speed and power)

builtimes 80%
shields 75%
hull 85%
weapon power 100%
weapon speed 110%
weapon distance 95%
weapon accuracy 90%
**emphasis on shields & weapons
**most power in Phasers (additional +20% speed and power)

builtimes 110%
shields 110%
hull 110%
weapon power 120%
weapon speed 110%
weapon distance 110%
weapon accuracy 97.5%
**emphasis on engines & weapons
**most power in none ( )


textures: TheFOrce
lightmap: Unholy Trinity
mesh : Neon

Mesh & Texture : Achilles
original release : Pepperman

Model/Texture by WrathofAchilles

mesh/texture by Achilles

Conversion to Armada 2 by Ultimate_Dragon
Design by Azel/Atolm
Model & Textures by WrathofAchilles/Achilles

Mesh / Texture : Achilles

Designed by Nightsoft
Model/Texture by WrathofAchilles


Mesh & Texture by Achilles

from sfc3 game

Mesh & Texture by Achilles
Design by Raven Night (Nightsoft)

Mesh & Texture by Achilles

nightsoft (see asosciated nightsoft readme and outalance readme in misc folder)

nightsoft (see asosciated nightsoft readme and outalance readme in misc folder)

ryard/Primary yard
Mesh & Texture by Achilles For Borg incursion 3 mod

ryard2/Secondary yard
Mesh & Texture by Achilles For Borg incursion 3 mod

ryard3/Tertiary yard
Mesh & Texture by Achilles For Borg incursion 3 mod

Mesh & Texture by Achilles For Borg incursion 3 mod

rmining/dilithium refinery
Mesh & Texture by Achilles For Borg incursion 3 mod

rfreight/dilithium harvester
Mesh & Texture by Achilles For Borg incursion 3 mod

Mesh and Textures by: Kleovoulos Toltsoglou aka kleotol aka X-man
Web Page:


Mesh & Texture by Achilles

unknown, used in Alliances1

dcruise2/Strike Cruiser
Mesh & Texture by Achilles

Mesh & Texture by Achilles

Mesh & Texture by Achilles

Mesh & Texture by Achilles

dfreight/Dilithium freighter
Mesh & Texture by Achilles

dyard/lesser Shipyard
Mesh & Texture by Achilles

dyard2/Standard Shipyard
Model and texture: Deemon

dyard3/Greater Shipyard
Model and texture: Deemon

anything not marked above was most likely created by me.

Physics Files based on files from CptBenSisco

Pink blob be gone mod
SOD: Elrond
Blank texture: Elrond

Nebula textures by Yacuzza

Wolf Cannon
by Iron Fist

Constant Advice, help naming the mod, Klingon apreciater and a good "ear" -


Special Thanks to Joelteon7/Joel for either listening to my crap or spewing out crap for me to listen to.

Thanks to the A2files staff for doing that voodoo you do do so well...


Borg Incursion - Any of them, especially the upcomming Borg Incursion - Vital Response

Dominion Ultimate mod - Takes some modding but a brilliant mod for A2 for you dominion lovers

Zero Hour - I'm loving the detail Ash goes into

Rebirth of the Empire - Another high quality mod on it's way

Dogs of War - Each picture looks like art, no kidding.


Well there are still 3 races to be done, Borg, klingon and .... yeah Federation I guess :(


I doubt anyone will ever reach the end, I wrote a book :)

I hope you have fun playing my baby, she is my pride and joy.

Contact me with ideas, complaints and anything in general at....

Version  Beta  Author  Wrath of Achilles  Website   
Downloads  6,566  Size  26.47 MB  Created  2007-10-13 



#31 Lharrs 2007-12-30 10:51
Update, one of the install things says it cant find the "binkw32.dll" thing. what is that and how do I get that back?
#32 Lharrs 2007-12-30 20:12
Well, I fixed the first thing, but then the game started to crash after about 10mins. this has happened twice so far. dont know what to do.
#33 Achilles 2007-12-31 18:58
wait for the patch, it's a known problem and this is a beta... whould be a week or two.
#34 Species9311 2008-01-02 15:47
This is a really good mod... I can't wait for the other races!!! :borg:
#35 houseofvageta 2008-05-20 20:37
Rocks!! some times the Romulan star base stop fighering. turent to. this is the best mod i have ever played . do you thing you can add some frangi ship for fun.
#36 talshiar223 2009-02-24 04:34
I've managed to install this download but I cannot tell if its working. To be honest, nothing seems to have changed. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there anything that would keep the program from running?

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