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Wrath of Achilles, 2005-09-17

This is a rather excelent Armada I mod by WrathofAchilles. The races are different and we also have The Dominion (Cardassians / Dominion) in there too, even though there are far more Cardassian ships then Dominion ones, but it sets the era well. Check the readme for the full changes. Smile great mod, and Armada I! Download now!

The patch for this mod can be found here.

Star Trek Armada Alliances by WrathofAchilles aka Achilles


Just make sure you have a clean install of Star trek armada 1 with the 1.2 patch if needed.
Run the exe (if you want it to install to a directory other that the default one you can change this)
I suggest you restart your computer after loading.


This mod is for Star Trek Armada 1 with no plans to convert to Star Trek Armada 2.

This mod was basically my home mod which I've always kept neat and bug free because
it would really irritate me not to have something I play. It plays just like I want
it to which means a nasty AI that hits incredibly hard. My main inspiration for this
would be the Borg for sheer brilliance of models and the Xtreme mod for great gameplay.
I made sure of several things when building this up.....

1/ The AI would not build faster than you can destroy (It builds slower than standard A1)
2/ The AI would give me a very strong match (I mean hundreds of ships to a fleet)
3/ You'll need to build lesser ships before building the dreadnoughts (Takes time)
4/ Old ships and stations wouldn't become useless (your old fleets will still count)
5/ Each race will have it's own characteristics (This is very varied but no one races plays even similar)
6/ The balancing would be as near to perfect as I can get it (This does not mean every ship class will be equal power and price at all)
7/ Wherever possible the stock units will be replaced and upgraded (See credits)

Whilst I keep poly counts resonable and weapon amounts fair I didn't make this mod for low
end machines, by all means try it and let me know but don't be surprised if it's too much.

The first thing you will notice apart from the nostelgic theme music is the new race selection,
these are.

The Collective (Borg)

Seriously beefed up ships with much stonger shields and weaponary for each ship class but the longest
build times and the fewest ship types. The Borg dreadnought is the stongest buildable ship in the game
but is far from a "God" unit as I hate these. The Borg defences are seriously strong with mostly multi-
targeting cutting beams ripping your fleet apart. They slowly build up and are easy to forget about
but generally the Borg AI wins all other AIs over the course of time. Super units are...
Transwarp Gate - Unchanged
Pacifier - Strong shockwave ship

Star Fleet (Federation)

The federation are your average race as usual and have strongest battleships. They tend to attack in
small waves of 10-30 ships pulling them together at the target. Defences are also average. They have
two dreadnoughts, one is a time ship which can freeze a single target and duplicate itself. The AI
is a good enemy for a long time during the battle maintaining good fleets throughout, beware the
nebula class and it's single target shield disruptor as this can cost you a super base pretty quick.
Super units are...
Manhiem Center - Quicker recharge but lasts for less time
Midas Array - Massive sensor relay that can reveal almost all of a large map and detects cloaks

Alpha Alliance (Romulan/Klingon/Reman)

Not as it looks, which is a dumping ground for every race I had left, I always liked the idea of
a combined Romulan/Klingon fleet, the Remans just cropped up. These are also a standard race with
a very strong selection of cruisers and three very large Dreadnoughts, they have the most ships by
far. I have kept the races distinct giving the Klingons mostly damaging weapons and the Romulans
stealth weapons. Their defences are fairly strong hitting and just plain irritating as they repel
you all over the place. The AI is a good average throughout and is capable of deploying a large
amount of ships without you realising. Cloak is no more difficult to detect but Scouts no longer have
Tachyon grids, they are now equiped to expensive science vessels. Super units are...
Jach'Eng - Much enhanced wave
Tal Shiar facility - Builds Greaver and Scimitar classes

The Dominion (Cardassian/Dominion)

My favourite race, calling these guys the Dominion possibly isn't right because it's mostly just
the Cardassians. Cardassian ships are much weaker than the other races counter parts but build
much faster, whilst the Dominion ships are a little stronger than average. The AI build masses
of Jem'Hadar attack ships and Tactical fighters which pack a punch and work as good cannon fodder,
they build by far the most ships and get a good strike force off the ground nice and early.
Their Nor starbase is the strongest base in the game. Two good dreadnoughts and an excellent
support ship to keep the fleets operational under the strongest beatings make them a fun race to play.
Good defences both strong and multi-targeting but expensive to build. Super units are...
Dreadnought missile - Cheap and not too strong, you can launch these from across the map
Wormhole facility - Like the transwarp gate but it lasts until you say stop, very slow recharge

Every race has ships you would expect to see, some newer designs and a few units you wont have seen
before. Research has been changed to use ship classification so for example lets take the federation,
5 research pods allow certain ships to be built, All research facilities are strong shielded and
each pod carries a multi-targeting weapon. Each race has at least one ship that falls into each of
these catagories.

Escort - Research for the Defiant and Sabre class vessels.
Cruiser - Research for the Intrepid, Norway, Akira, Steamrunner and Guncutter class vessels.
Battleship - Research for the Galaxy, Ambassador, Hecate and Nebula class vessels.
Heavy Battleship - Research for the Sovereign and Achilles class vessels.
Dreadnought - Research for the Premonition & Titan class vessels

Many map units have been replaced or altered and some stock maps have either been redone or
replaced. I've included the Map editor launcher by Sub Zero and all the build lists are set.
I made dust fields and the shield effect inspired, but not taken from Fleet Ops.
Starting units are set by priority (Low/Medium/High) This is basically how strong
your starting units are. Their are some good map units in there like 8472 ships and the Red
Alien ship, both of these pack too much power to mess with, best to avoid. I have altered the
Camera to be able to scope right out so you can control the fleets better on the larger maps.
Officers have been replaced by Special but this has not been set so everything cost 0 special.
The various buildbuttons are available if you wish to add new units to the mod.

There's many other things I've changed over time but to be honest I dont remember what they are, I'm
sure you will notice over time.

Bugs: Seen any bugs? let me know

1/ Some AI ships have varients of the specials, not better just AI freindly.
2/ The wireframes look good but dont work right, they dont highlight the damaged section.
3/ Games slows, it's a high resource mod, play less enemies, I suggest 2-3 AI.


This project is in no way affiliated, attached, or authorised by Activision, MadDOC Software, or
any subsidaries, sub divisions, company members or other such affiliates to the aforementioned
companies. They cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions concerning innapropriate
usage of the files contained in this mod. Please refrain from contacting any of the above parties
with regards to problems arising from any kind of usage of the files contained in the mod, as no
support is given. You are responsible for your own usage of this mod, and are dictacted by the
standard terms governing its usage. This includes extrenuating circumstances in which 3rd party
alteration to the included files may cause problems, or damage to the users system. In this case I,
Major A Payne, cannot be held liable for such missuse, and will not provide any help or support in
these matters.


Federation Constructor and advanced constructor from Borg Incursion 3 federation module
- Scratch built meshby Major A Payne.
- Miranda textures by Andy "Deemon" Johns.
- Additional textures used from high poly Freedom model renderings.

Delta class scout from eclipse project
- Sod by Deemon
- Texture by 9 of nine
- Arranged and thought off by Cmdr Massey (project leader)
- - eclipse project site

Nova class from Borg Incursion 2

Federation Advanced Shipyard originally Fed Nemesis yard
- Original high poly CGI based 3d model and texture files created by S-Stephen and released through (no other contact details available).
- This intermediate poly version created using the above model as complete reference and also aided in the texture creation process (high detailed renderings used), as done by Major A Payne.

Sabre Class from A2 texture enhanced

Intrepid from Darkhawk mod

Defiant class
- LOD: Deemon

Norway from by Deemon
- Readme in misc folder

Akira class from Borg Incursion 3 federation module
- Mesh/texture by 9 of Nine.

Guncutter class originally Nakota class
- Original Nakota model creation and concept: Courtesy of Gabriel "Mind Blip" Crown (
- Gun Cutter kitbash creation and concept: Courtesy of Holis J Wood - Sovereign Nacelles and Akira weapon pod: Courtesy of Andy "Deemon" Johns.

Steamrunner clas, could not locate original author please let me know who this is by?

Galaxy class from Borg Incursion 3 federation module
- Mesh/texture by Andy "Deemon" Johns.

Prometheus class from Borg Incursion 3 federation module
- Mesh/texture by Andy "Deemon" Johns.

Nebula class from Borg Incursion 3 federation module
- Mesh/texture by Andy "Deemon" Johns.

Hecate class from Borg Incursion 3 federation module
- Original model and textures fully credited to Greg Strong (AKA Lord Bile).
- Poly reduced version Engineering hull, deflector and accompanying texture maps retained and unedited.
- All other mesh sections scratch rebuilt using Milkshape 3d, and original model as a template for copying purposes.

Soveriegn class from Borg Incursion 3 federation module
- Mesh/texture by Admiral.

Achilles class from Borg Incursion 3 federation module
- Mesh/texture by Andy "Deemon" Johns.
- Original conversion by Viper (used with permission).

Premonition class, originally Premonition X

Titan class
- Original model, design and concept courtesy of Atolm/Azel. Mesh adjustments and texture set/application done by WickedZombie45 (subsequent release through (Demon Renegade Studios) and originally created for SFC3/BC.
- Poly reduction on saucer and texture manipulation/re-application done by Major A Payne.

Federation primary shipyard originally sanfrancisco yard from SSA apocalypse yards
- Original Model Design: Captian_Fingers
- Original Textures: Captian_Fingers
- Original Mesh: Captian_Fingers

Federation secondary shipyard originally sanfrancisco yard from SSA apocalypse yards
- converted from unknown author by MajorAPayne

Bird of Prey (B'rel) class
- OTHER: HeiFi

Shrike class from Borg Incursion 2
- Texture and model mesh created and used with permission from Terradyhne

Griffin class from Borg Incursion 2
- Models and textures used from E&F, Courtesy of Pneumonic81

Duj'yay class from Kleotol's Xtreme mod

Raptor class from Borg Incursion 2
- (Original source unknown (stated in readme as being from Taldren).
- Original conversion to SOD by Darkdrone.
- Further re- conversion by Major A Payne)

Norexian class

D'Sailef class, originally Morphic switchblade class
- Designer: Atolm/Azel
- Mesh Developer: Atolm/Azel
- Texture Developer: Atolm/Azel (diffuse maps), Tus (modified diffuse maps), Tus (lightmaps)
- Conversion: Pepperman

Kvortcha class from Kleotol's Xtreme mod

Shadow class from Borg Incursion 2

D'Deridex (Warbird)
- mesh Dawn
- textures cgi renders by Dawn

Kerchan class
- Original concept/design by Rick "Hobbes" Snider. Original high poly model and textures by Hobbes.
- Recreation for Bridge Commander as done by Anduril.
- Poly reduction by Major A Payne (no further changes required).

Fek'Lar class from Borg Incursion 2

Negh'Var class from Borg Incursion 2

Scimitar class
- Mesh Developer: Taldren
- Texture Developer: Taldren

Hideki class from Borg Incursion 2

Nor class starbase, originally DS9

Dominion attack ship
- This mesh is a complete rebuild of the medium/high poly version that was released for Star Trek bridge Commander and StarFleet Command 3. Full credit for this model and its associated textures goes to 9ofNine.
- This low poly recreation done by Major A Payne. Textures used are from the original release and applied as necessary.

Dominion battleship
- Mesh: Redragon (Luan Ngo)
- Armada 1 Conversion and Texture: Napseeker (Tom Yee)

Dominion Dreadnought
- By Agroborg

pyramid from Borg Incursion 2
- reproduced/scratch built by Major Payne with textures provided by The Great One

Probe from Borg Incursion 2
- reproduced/scratch built by Major Payne with textures provided by The Great One

Cube, Tactical cube main, sphere and general borg texture by Netvolt

Tactical cube from Borg Incursion 2
- reproduced/scratch built by Major Payne with textures provided by The Great One

Primary Matrix from Borg Incursion 2
- Mesh and Texture provided by The Great One

Explosions are from the nano effects mod by Sherman 2

Many dominion voices from Dominion Ultimate mod courtesy of STgamer2002

fed military base, D'nara class, D'Voress, Nach'Grel, Maq'Migh, Greaver, Alliance shipyard,
Romulan advanced shipyard, Tal Shiar facility Argrai, Odekra, Vakus, Loknar, Galor, Keldon, Korinar,
Huter, Gallus, Cardassian constructor, Cardassian freighter, Cardassian base, Cardassian
mining station, Cardassian yard, Cardassian turrets & Sensor, Advanced Matrix, Advanced Construction
Matrix, Borg advanced turrets, monalith, tetragon, strike cruiser...etc by me, Wrath of Achilles.

Bearing in mind this was just a home mod unitl I decided to release her I have no doubt I've missed
some credits somewhere, if I have I apologise deeply because if it's in the mod then I must think
highly of it. I will correct this as soon as humanly possible so please contact me on


Major A Payne, a constant freind and a great source of brilliant models

Future Tense Team, Phantom and Cec have been with me while I learnt and these guys are constantly challenging you

STGamer2002/3, A fellow lover of the dominion and a great person in general


Borg Incursion - Any of them, especially the upcomming Borg Incursion - Vital Response

Future Tense - This mod will blow all A1 mods out of the water, no question

Dominion Ultimate mod - Takes some modding but a brilliant mod for A2 for you dominion lovers

Twighlight - Another A2 mod and these guys are going all out to get thing perfect


I plan to patch this mod as there are several things that need updating, nothing major. I
won't be able to do this for sometime and as far as I can see, apart from you low resource
computers out there it runs fine.


I doubt anyone will ever reach the end, I wrote a book :)

I hope you have fun playing my baby, she is my pride and joy.

Contact me with ideas, complaints and anything in general at....

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#61 Ronanc1 2007-01-21 07:22
hey achilles just wondering if you have any other mods or such planned seeing as this was the single greatest mod i have ever encountered it would be great if you were working in progress on something else since this was a spectacular mod
#62 Achilles 2007-03-06 14:18
I have been toying with armada 2, trying to get the battles and building to run more like A1... pretty much cause I lost my A1 disk.. May make it into a full mod, may not.
#63 pepperman 2007-04-09 12:10
You have made an outstanding mod there mate. Recommend that you consider replacing the Romulan Norexan Class warbird with the one I have posted over at AFC. It is posted in the A2 section but it is really for A1.

I really love you Romulan stations...they totally rock and you AI total kick some major butt.
#64 AceAdmiral 2008-01-11 17:33
I love this mode . Incredible modifications that's for sure .
#65 Achilles 2008-02-24 17:38
Thankyou, there is a patch available on this site.
#66 RebmaBoss 2008-04-15 23:04
I spent months trying to find just the right AI--I've finally found one, right in this modification. Thanks!
#67 mazioman 2008-06-24 20:00
it looks awsome my armada 2 does not work anymore i modded it too much help please is ther anyone out there i wanta sandwich
#68 startrekie 2008-07-08 13:20
Just uninstall A2 and then delete armada directory then reinstall.

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