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FGX, 2004-08-01

This is the Empires 1.2 Mod. Also are the Music Add on, music patch and 1.2 Patch for 1.1 users (links below)

1) full verson 1.2: http://armada.filefront.com/file.info?ID=28872
2) music addon: http://armada.filefront.com/file.info?ID=5009
3) music patch: http://armada.filefront.com/file.info?ID=28871
4) patch 1.2: http://armada.filefront.com/file.info?ID=28873 (use only if u have verson 1.1)



The mod EMPIRES2 consists of 5 Races

-The Earth Empire

-The Tal Kalar

-The Syntergy

-The Mantic

-The Plasc

The resources the Races are fighting for are Dilithium and Metal. The Earth Empire, Syntergy and Tal Kalar have the ability to colonize Planets, Mantic can colonize planets, too, but they have no Colony Ships.

The Earth Empire was build after the first units explored space with weapon systems and Ionic drives. The Earth Empire has large fleets because they recognized that they are not the only race in the Universe. Not all Races they meet were friendly so they put a large amount of money in their military production to defence the earth from invaders and to gain new resources and technologies.

The Tal Kalar are are, also when it doesn´t seem so, very similar to the humans. Only their Ships are different. They build them out of Embryos which thier Mother Entities create. With that technique they are not as independent from one resource as other races. They could gain their biomatter from nearly each resource. The ships are not just a tool for war, they also care for the food etc.. With that technique it is possible to invade a territory very quickly what made the Tal Kalar to a powerfull and agressive race.

The Syntergy is a very religous race. They have some races, like the Vor Ta Vor, which they adore. It is not very much known about them because they are not interested to have connections to other races. The individuals use a kind of psy power to defend themselves. The function of their weapon systems is unknown, but they are very powerfull. Their energy source is unknown what makes them hart to beat because their systems could not be manipulated by the Earth Empire, but bionic weapons of the Tal Kalar seem to influence their systems, too.

The Mantic are a culture of Insects. Their Mother insects are the center of their culture. They create small Lifeforms which live in symbiosis with the Insect Ships and build their primary defence. They don´t inhabit a certain area because the resources are exhausted quickly. As far as known, they never contacted other races. Their fleets mostly consist of less big and many small ships. They are described as large swarms invading in an area and destroying everything. They are a race which seemed to be born in space.

The Plasc are a very oddly culture. They consist of a kind of Plasma. They just use dilithium which they transform directly into energy. Some of their ships are able to make themselves invisible completely, others appear suddently through rifts and cause high damage. The Culture of The Plasc is very mobile. They have just a few stations, but many ships. They are divided in 3 castes. The Caste of War, Caste of Light and Caste of Spirit. All castes are able to fuse their smaller units to larger ones. Their final fused ships are more powerfull than any other ship from any other race. The Caste of Spirit is able to animate even death things such as asteroids. A Confrontation with one of their biggest fused units mostly end for small enemy fleets with a total destruction.


Components of the Empires Patch 1.2 are :

-General bugfixes and improvements

-Greater difference between small and large ships in their movement (ship physics)

-A new maprace called Ashroon. You won´t be able to play it in general multiplayer missions

-New Multiplayer maps ( at least 5 )

-Mapeditor: made by Carlos_Technology

-A new Empires2 Manual in plain english with pictures: made by LitBolt

-An improved technology for the Earth Empire

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#1 Besancon 2004-08-09 08:13
This looks good, but the first time i tried to get it I got about 3 kbs per sec. I usually get at least 200. It seems from the desription that most of the races are based on 8472 in some way. Am i imagining this?
#2 STGamerNew2002 2005-02-20 17:34
A question to any who downloaded this: Does this MOD actually work for anyone if they tried it? Been expereincing too many crashes and I done my own editing too(with ENOUGH skills to know what's up on basic stuff/info). Any kind of feedback would be appreciate it. :o
#3 STGamerNew2002 2005-02-20 19:04
I really would like to get this mod running, but STILL experiencing crash problems here and there. What I wanted to know, FGX: Why didn't you create a map editing odf files for your mod here? Again, has ANYONE experienced any crash problems with this mod recently? :o
#4 STGamerNew2002 2005-02-21 23:05
OK , I tried it enough to say: CRASHING still! Sorry, I tried it multiple times and it's just not working - so much for a 'new race' exploration. :thumbsdown:
#5 Captain_Righteous 2005-03-26 14:07
yeah, it kept crashing for me too. i couldn't figure out the problem, but i suspect it's got something to do with a ship having a " missing or the ai trying to build a shipt that doesn't exist. I think, but am not sure, that the problem lies in the Earth Empire odf files, but don't hold me to that.
#6 angryandorian 2005-04-16 21:22
Works for me! I have to say I like it since it has original ships and is not star trek, star wars, babylon 5, andromeda, etc. 10/10 Rock
#7 DJ14 2005-05-25 13:30
how do I start it? ok I downloaded the 1.2v and I installed it. but how do I play it?? when I go to the start menu and go to empires2 the only thing I can to is uninstall it! so, how do I play it?
#8 sparky19 2008-07-22 13:38
Yeah i have experienced this problem with this and several other mods ive tried the mod works i guess but the build buttons dont work at all the AI Can build whatever but i cant how do i fix this problem ive checked everything and it all seems to be right but idk.

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