Borg incursion: Vital Responses Patch Borg incursion: Vital Responses Patch

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Major A Payne, 2006-01-21

So, gamers, be happy, for there is a time to rejoice! It comes in the form of a 1mb patch. Yup. Just 1mb that has been used to fix certain bugs and glitches found in the original release of Borg Incursion: Vital Responses, located here:;53792

Take your "LONG" time downloading this. Regardless, I'm sure it was worth the wait, now go gamers, download and preach!

Oh, just for note, you can send a virtual hug to MaP for putting it in an .exe!

BORG: Incursion - Vital Responses Patch

**** Warning ****
To use this patch correctly it must be installed AFTER the v1.0 full mod. Also be advised that this patch corrects only problems that have been found and reported. Although none is planned if any further problems are found then they should be reported via the methods indicated in the main mods readme.

Patch Installation
Installation of this patch is done in exactly the same the same way as the actual mod EXE file so please refer to installation instructions that accompanied the main mod files.

Uninstallation is carried out in exactly the same way but please remember to uninstall this patch BEFORE you uninstall the main mod as undesirable effects may happen.

Changelog From v1.0
- Missing or incorrect BMP files for bturret, kdestroy2 and kdestroy3.
- Re-edited Empok Nor map.
- Upgraded AI files (Achilles was unable to get his edited ones to me in time. These may be released seperately).
- All ship buildtimes and resource costs lowered by up to 50%.
- Techtree editings/corrections.
- Loading splash screen TGA files corrected.
- Koutpost model file corrected.

Several other minor changes have been made also.

You download this patch with the understanding that no part of it is to be re-released for any kind of profit, or re-distributed via any websites or other means without prior permission from the creator. You also are of the understanding that no part of this patch will be re-used for any further public release without prior permission from the creator.


Major A Payne (

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#31 kylestabell 2006-09-20 00:58
I've been working out some of the bugs in the tech tree and I've been able to fix the problem with the borg's special weapons, with MajorPayne's permition I will be releasing a patch to fix them as well as any other tech tree bugs I can figure out how to solve.

"we seek perfection" :borg:
#32 112joesam 2007-02-21 00:23
Its not shown as and .EXE file on my (stupid) p.c so where would i put this?

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