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Mod.png Empires 1.2 patch

(3 votes)

This is Empires 1.2 patch only download this if you already have verson 1.1. If not install the full verson 1.2, then music addon and then music patch.…

 FGX 2004-08-01   11.40 MB 1,503 Comments: 0

Mod.png FS2 Admirals Log and AI fix

(7 votes)

Not all files have to be huge in size to make a massive difference. This small patch fixes two critical problems with the previously released FreeSpa…

 Ultimate Dragon 2007-07-19   16.84 KB 890 Comments: 8

Mod.png Galaxy X Mod Patch 1.1

(12 votes)

This is an update for the Galaxy X mod. Adds missing odfs also adds Transphasic Torpedoes to the Galaxy-X.

 Captain Proton 2004-05-10   7.54 KB 1,506 Comments: 0

Mod.png Project Orange - Damage Effects Mod

(19 votes)

FahreS has re-defined Armada play yet again. Project Blue gave us a vast improvement to the GUI, in three separate improvements.

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2009-05-03   1.46 MB 1,080 Comments: 6

Mod.png STA2.5 Beta Ultra Patch 3.0

(8 votes)

Make sure you get this mod if you use armada 2.5, it fixes a lot of things in the mod.(list in the readme.) requirments: Patches must be installed in…

 draconis_sharp 2005-01-26   7.30 MB 4,023 Comments: 25

Mod.png Star Trek Armada II Patch Project [ZIP] 1.2.5

(20 votes)

This is the zipped version "STA2 Patch Project", check the EXE version of the patch if you want details.

 FleetOps Team 2008-01-21   1.04 MB 5,139 Comments: 2

Utility2.png Star Trek Armada II: Patch Project 1.2.5

(108 votes)

This is a definite must-download for all Armada 2 players, as it introduces many fixes and new features.

 FleetOps Team 2008-01-21   1.43 MB 57,741 Comments: 29

Mod.png Star Wars: Fleet Command Menu Screens Update

(5 votes)

Sometimes the most unexpected of things can happen, and today is one of those times.

 St vs. SW Team 2005-12-31   2.45 MB 2,113 Comments: 20

Mod.png Unofficial Patch 1.2

(11 votes)

Well, this is an unofficial patch, that has been put together by Curtis. By looking at the files (of which are come with a handy auto-installer) they…

 Curtis 2007-01-01   23.19 MB 3,303 Comments: 4