Project Orange - Damage Effects Mod Project Orange - Damage Effects Mod

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FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER, 2009-05-03

FahreS has re-defined Armada play yet again. Project Blue gave us a vast improvement to the GUI, in three separate improvements. Project Orange, his latest, offers new explosive and impact effects, shockwaves, damage sparks, and steam/plasma venting effects as well. The results breathe new life into one of the many areas in which Armada has yet to be truly improved.

Note that you will need to do a little sprite file editing --something that can be a little scary for some modders, but which is, in reality, very easy to accomplish with FahreS' instructions. Note also that you'll want to watch the preview video. As good as screencap pics are, watching the animation REALLY gives you an idea of what makes this mod so special.

This is probably the best bit of work we've seen in a while to those "background details" which make the Armada engine run. We've seen planet projects, physics projects, upgrade projects and weapons projects. Now we have our first damage effect project, and it's a must-have.

Download it right now.


|| - Project Orange - Damage Effects Mod - ||

-Information about this mod
-Installation instructions

You have no permission to change the model,
textures or other content and/or to release them.
Ask me for authorisation: e-mail or ICQ-UIN (both under Contact).
The Copyright of the 3D-Models, the textures, weapons,
pictures and everything coming with this Mod is by me.

1. New shield impact effects
2. 3 new shields-are-down effects to choose from
3. New impact effects (mini explosions)
4. Modified crew-loss effects
5. New shockwave
6. new damage sparks
7. New Steam and Plasma smoke effects

Information about this mod_______________________________________________________________
This mod changes the damage Effects of Armada 2.
It was not tested in combination with other damage effects mods.

Installation instructions_____[2.4 Steps]________________________________________________

1.1 Copy the files:


|Its the time to choose your favourite shield-down effect.
|(check picX.jpg)
|If you prefer effect 1, use this file:
| Xshlddie.tga
|If you prefer effect 2, use this file:
| Xshlddie Option 2.tga,
|BUT rename it to:
| Xshlddie.tga
|If you prefer effect 3, ignore both files.

in your Armada2 directory to:
"...ActivisionStar Trek Armada IITexturesRGB"


|Follow this step ONLY, if you have chosen the shield-down effect 3!

Copy the file:


in your Armada2 directory to:
"...ActivisionStar Trek Armada IISOD"

WARNING: The next steps require replacing content of files.
You should backup those files before editing them,
to make sure that you can undo the following changes.

2.1 Choose the directory: "...ActivisionStar Trek Armada IISprites".
Open "emitter.spr" with your Texteditor (Notepad) or another Program like this.
Have a look for the entry:


softdot xparticle 0 0 32 32
steam xparticle 0 32 32 32
star xparticle 32 0 32 32
spore xparticle 32 32 32 32

plasma xsmoke 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4_smoke
riftex mnebula5 64 64 64 64

-Replace the whole entry with:

softdot xparticle 0 0 32 32
star xparticle 32 0 32 32
spore xparticle 32 32 32 32
steam xfwsteam 0 0 64 64 @anim=tex4x4_smoke
plasma xsmoke 0 0 64 64 @anim=tex4x4_smoke
riftex mnebula5 64 64 64 64

-Search this line in the same file:

@sprite_node ventplas plasma fade3 (2,2) (1,1,1) billboard

-And replace that with this line:

@sprite_node ventplas plasma fade4 (2,2) (1,1,1) billboard

-Save the file and close it.

2.2 Do not change the directory but open the file "weapon.spr" with your texteditor.
Have a look for the following entry:

flareflash Momegpartc 30 60 68 68
origin xspark01 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4
plasmaball Wplascannon 0 0 42 42 @anim=tex3x3
photon Wphoton 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

-Replace the whole entry with:

origin xspark01 0 0 128 128 @anim=tex2x2
flareflash Momegpartc 30 60 68 68
plasmaball Wplascannon 0 0 42 42 @anim=tex3x3
photon Wphoton 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

-Save the file and close it.


Questions to:
ICQ: 148686453 FahreS Design (my projects) The Main Armada II Tutorials

This file is in no way connected to, or affiliated with Activision,
its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other persons or
companies associated with it. Therefore, the creator of this file,
Activision, and its subsidiares take no responsibilty for harm this
file may do to your computer.

Have fun with these effects!

FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER

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#1 mikemckeon007 2009-05-03 18:21
i use all the game enhancement mods you have done. they are all great. 10/10
#2 Majest 2009-05-03 18:22
Going to give this one a run for sure. ;-)
#3 Firestorm603 2009-05-04 09:30
This looks like a great follow up to Project Blue, d/ling now.
#4 Chief_Chainsaw 2009-05-07 22:28
Is it setup so that people can pick and choose what parts of this want to use, easily? Or would it be alot of digging seperating to get individual parts of this? Because this looks fantastic but I spent 6 months setting up my own shield hit effects and converted the damage sparks to little explosions...
#5 FahreS 2009-05-08 08:31
the installation is described in a detailed way, so you should know what you do, at least i hope so :roll:

But its not described how to install parts of this mod. Chief_Chainsaw, you should check the files before you do replace them.
#6 Chief_Chainsaw 2009-05-09 22:57
ok thanks for the heads-up, looks like excellent work as usual

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