Star Trek Armada II: Patch Project Star Trek Armada II: Patch Project

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FleetOps Team, 2008-01-21

This is a definite must-download for all Armada 2 players, as it introduces many fixes and new features (especially for modders).

Main features:

- the popular MVAM problem has been solved (I hope that we see a working Prometheus soon Cool )
- new command line parameter ( /quick to skip intros)
- "maxBuildableNumber" ODF command (forces the player to have only a certain number of a ship class or station)
- better exception catching engine (reports bugs to FO team)
- game updater in the main menu
- many bug fixes
- your game is still compatible to 1.1 patched versions online
- makes A2 running on Windows Vista

So what are you waiting for? Get this thing ASAP! Rock

- TParis

Note: You are allowed to include the patch and the included files in any of your own releases without any permission. If you want to do so download the zipped patch version (not online yet).


Star Trek Armada II Patch Project
Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Fleet Operations Development Team

What is it?
The Star Trek: Armada II Patch 1.2 Project is an unofficial patch made by the developers of the Fleet Operations total conversion for Star Trek Armada II.
It is meant as a patch for every Armada II installation, despite of it is stock or has been modded. It patches serveral bugs that were not fixed with the latest official 2002 release of Patch 1.1. More and more reports of people not being able to play Armada 2 coming up as today people are using much more enhanced software and hardware than 5 years ago. The developers of Armada 2 targeted Windows 98 and partly Windows 2000 as plattform.

The Patch 1.2 Project offers mod developers several new features. An overview can be found here:,com_smf/Itemid,3/topic,3545.0/

What is it not?
The patch project does not provide new textures sounds or anything else that is related to change the game experience. Patch 1.2 is fully backwards compatible with Armada 2 Patch 1.1. That means, you will be able to play together with people still using patch 1.1, while having the advantages of the Patch 1.2 Project.

The "Roadmap"
The first releases of Patch 1.2 are intended to fix Armada 2's bugs. Later version will feature full widescreen support and new enhancements for mod developers.

Who should install Patch 1.2?
Everyone playing Star Trek Armada II.

Fleet Operations players do not require to install this patch. An enhanced version of that patch is included in Fleet Operations 3.0 final.


1.2.5 (01/19/08)
- Several smaller speed optimations
- Code updated to the latest Fleet Operations dev build
- Loader-free. All Armada 2 executables are now left untouched. (previous PP installations are reverted back automatically by the installer.)
- A new weapon for mod developers: ReplaceWeapon (Prometheus MVAM proof-of-concept)

1.2.4 (09/17/07)
- Hotfixed a crash when trying to research Planetary Shields. Thanks Carsten S. for reporting.
- Hotfixed a bug with modular base support. Thanks Meredith for reporting.

1.2.3 (09/16/07)
- Fixed a bug in "maxBuildableNumber" that could cause slowdowns on some systems.
- added a new command line parameter: /quick - skips the splash screen and intro video. Brings you directly to the main screen.
- Mod Developers: Armada1-like modular base support, that allows to build all classlabels as research pods, including crafts and stations.

1.2.2 (08/14/07)
- Hopefully fixed the Xfire detection bug. Thanks TParis for reporting.
- Graphics detail is not longer set to "high" by default, which caused some problems with disappearing grid lines. Delete your config files if the error still persists.
- A new command for mod developers: Added "maxBuildableNumber" ODF command.

1.2.1 (07/10/07)
Armada fixes:
- Another possible crash fixed when hosting games. Thanks ambassador for reporting
- NetworkManager.dll file is now left untouched

1.2.0 (07/06/07)
Armada fixes:
- "Sorry, there is not enough memory to continue" - screen
- Crash to desktop right after splash screen related to an stack overflow
- Multiplayer/Online crash with Vista (could fix Wine multiplayer issues too. To be confirmed).
- enhanced exception catching engine (MadExcept by madshi)

Version  1.2.5  Author  FleetOps Team  Website  Website external 
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#21 WerdBorg 2008-06-22 15:23
I found the prob and fixed it- 1.2.5 gives the Asynchronous mouse on/off switch. 10/10-Thanks to this patch my computer is now officially a gaming computer as this was the first old game of mine to work

This patch has also stablized the Babylon 5 mod, times of old it would crash every 2-3 hours, now it runs real smooth. :donut: 's on me
#22 ameba 2008-08-05 03:24
I would like to inform people that the "better exception catching engine (reports bugs to FO team)" in fact reports a lot of data on your computer beyond a2 to FLOPS, including installed programms. this is a computer security relevant feature which could be described as a sort of spyware. I would like to be able to turn off in the next version. I will not install this untill then..
#23 DOCaCola 2008-08-06 10:38
look closer, the list contains currently running programs, not installed programs which actually is quite relevant if armada crashes :-) . btw. the crash reporter is absolutely optional, just click the CLOSE instead of the SEND button and no crash report is sent to me, thats your thing, i don't really care. ;-)
#24 ameba 2008-10-03 12:22
ok doca - if u dont want to make the report an option I have to live with the "dont send" button. btw - how do i remove the patch? there is no uninstall option - or did I just not see it?
#25 Chief_Chainsaw 2009-03-23 22:50
I heard this is not compatible with Midnight Universe... is that true?
#26 heavyweaponsguy153 2010-02-09 12:52
when ever i click on the instant action menu in the game it crashes
#27 davidusk2 2010-03-30 08:27
I have installed the official Armada II 1.1 patch and now this patch, but my armada II game still doesn't work. I comes up with the "not enough memory" error. Can someone pllleeeeaaassseeee help me! I am in deep distress!!!! eeeek!
#28 davidusk2 2010-03-30 08:29
It just started working. lol sorry for the previous comment.

lol I feel like a dunce :P
#29 Supreme_Hunter_Guyver 2012-04-05 16:51
A must have if you want to play Armada 2 with Windows 7. Thank you programers!

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