Dawnstar Class Retexture Dawnstar Class Retexture

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Jetfreak, 2008-07-23

Original Dawnstar model downloadable here: http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Dawnstar_Class;6063

The Dawnstar is probably one of my favourite candidates for "worthy of actual screen time", up there with the Eximus and the Valiant, among others. Combining that old standard of starship shapes with a sort of "post-modern Starfleet" look, a little notch out of the saucer here, a little angle on the warp nacelles there.... she's the Ambassador class, all grown up.

The original Dawnstar had a few things about it that not everyone loved. Perhaps most notable among the objections was the overall hull colour: a deep, dark blue-grey that looked somewhat out of place compared to other ships of the line. Whether you like your starships in a blue shade or a metallic shade is entirely up to you. I've actually seen them all pretty much done one way or another, since the on-screen lighting sometimes makes the Galaxy class or Nebula class or even the Defiant seem a blue-grey shade rather than a silver-grey.

However, for those of you who had, to date, rejected the Dawnstar and her fine design simply because of the colour, Jetfreak has the answer: a properly Sovereign-looking shade of Dawnstar. This is a pretty straightforward re-colouring job, keeping the old USS Lost Angels registry but without new lightmaps or a new .SOD to offer. It means you'll have to download the Dawnstar separately, not that it's hard to find. However, Jetfreak has considerably enhanced both the contrast and the colour of this texture, giving it a darker and yet more comfortably Starfleet look. I'm still divided between the blue and the grey, but then, I really like the Dawnstar in whatever colour she's got going.

Worth a download. The Dawnstar is also available on this site, and trust me, you'll want to give her a look.


Dawnstar Class Retexture

- Seeing as how I didnt like the bluish hue of the original Dawnstar hull, I recolored the textures to a more greyish tone to match other Federation ships.

- This mod only contains the new textures, you still need the original model

Files Included:
- Five 512x512 TGA Files
- One TXT file


Retexturing: Jetfreak
Original Model and Textures: Redragon and APCMmkII
Ship Design: Dennis


To install: (Remember to backup)

Open the textures/rgb folder and place all tga files to the folder.

Youre good to go!
You may use this ship in any mod, just give the proper credits.

- Jetfreak

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#1 dan1025 2008-07-23 09:15
A definate improvement over the original blue coloured one, nice work Jetfreak :-)
#2 Stargazor_001 2008-07-23 09:16
Awsome, sends chills through my spine.

Great work 10/10
#3 k_merse 2008-07-23 11:16
I knew you will do it :D
#4 _dEjavU_ 2008-07-23 23:52
Oh Yeah!!I'm definitely replacing my Dawnstar class with this one.....awesome work pare' :thumbsup:
#5 Firestorm603 2008-07-24 08:24
Great retexture jetfreak, works like a dream. Keep sending these up! 8)
#6 USS_Miranda 2008-07-24 09:56
Hey Jetfreak,

You've made the ship look alot and i mean alot better. Keep up the good work :-)


#7 AdmarilRyan 2008-07-25 07:12
One of my favourite non-cannon designs, stunning work

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