Dawnstar Class Dawnstar Class

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Redragon and APCM, 2002-10-03

One word: WOW!

One of the best ships I've seen in a long time. Kinda looks like an Ambassador, but nacelles, as well as other things, are very different.


Dawnstar-Class by REDRAGON and APCMmkII

i wanted to convert her ages before phantom requested it on stgn, but anyway..i finally manged to do so..

there are 2 folders in this zip, which contain an a1 and an a2 version..
the a1 version hast nothing but texture and sod..
the a2 version has buildbutton, wirefrme, odf and lightmap textures..
there is a highpoly and a lowpoly version for a2..if you want to use lowpoly hou have to copy fdawnstarlow.sod in you \\sod -folder
and rename it to fdawnstar.sod.

this file contains a buildbutton, some weapon-buttons and one wireframe as well..so you need to edit
your gui.global.spr of your \\sprites -folder

search for the federation-buildbutton section and ad the followin line:
b_fdawnstar gbfdawnstar 0 0 64 64

now search for:

# Wireframes
# ----------


# Ship Wireframes

and add following lines:

fdawnstarw1 fwdawnstar 40 0 40 40
fdawnstarw2 fwdawnstar 0 40 40 40
fdawnstarw3 fwdawnstar 40 40 40 40
fdawnstarw4 fwdawnstar 80 0 40 40
fdawnstarw5 fwdawnstar 0 0 40 40

no you have to open the tech1.tt from your \\techtree - folder
and add these lines:

fdawnstar.odf 2 fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf

now open fyard2.odf from \\odf\\stations -folder
and search for builditem-section
now add the following under the last entry
builditemXX = \"fdawnstar\"

(replace XX with a build-slot..that means if the last entry says buildbutton6 = \"something\" replace XX with 7 )

well your done now..the dawnstar should be avaiable for build now...

high-poly-sod and texture by REDRAGON

lowpoly-SOD, odf, hps, and bb/wf by APCMmkII

original design by Dennis

please send any suggestions or questions to APCMmkII@gmx.de

Version    Author  Redragon and APCM  Website   
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#11 Kally7F 2004-12-09 05:13
The saucer section is blank and texture-less. :sad:
#12 Doom369 2005-04-11 08:58
I love this shi[p, It's beutiful and it kicks a$%.

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