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Mod.png Background Alternative 0.1

(3 votes)

I won't do this often, but I strongly suggest you download now, without reading the review, for your own benefit of time saving, still, if you must re…

 hard_damage 2006-03-07   1.59 MB 780 Comments: 4

Mod.png Borg Cube Textures

(12 votes)

This is a really nice Borg cube texture, featured in a PotD, that really looks alot better then the games origonal and is good for any modder or even…

 Night_Wolf 2003-11-30   548.98 KB 2,430 Comments: 28

Mod.png Borg Retexture Pack

(9 votes)

In this package you will find textures to revamp those stock Borg models. Some nice stuff from Pepecha.

 ppcha 2010-05-17   31.41 MB 746 Comments: 0

Mod.png Breen New Logo

(1 vote)

This is the Proper Breen Logo for the Dominion Mod.

 STGamerNew2002 2005-05-22   183.38 KB 595 Comments: 1

Mod.png Build Patch Change

(4 votes)

A small file here, and it doesn't actually do much, though it is a nice change and is a little something.

 Freakman 2007-01-08   290.79 KB 462 Comments: 6

Mod.png CG Sovereign warp glows 1.1

(2 votes)

This is a texture for the CG Sov by Jetfreak. It modifies the look of the warp grille.

 Doom369 2010-04-15   2.55 MB 336 Comments: 3

Mod.png CG Sovereign warp glows

(2 votes)

This is a texture replacemnet for the CG Sov. mod by Jetfreak, to give the Warp Nacells, a CANON look.

 Doom369 2010-04-02   2.20 MB 351 Comments: 6

Mod.png Cheyenne and Excalibur Class Retexture

(7 votes)

Introducing another retexture mod from Jetfreak, this is a mod that contains two new texture renders for the Cheyenne and Excalibur Classes.

 Jetfreak 2007-10-07   5.81 MB 595 Comments: 4

Mod.png Constitution Class TNG-Refit Texture-addon 1.0

(2 votes)

Hello, this are the promised BORG-textures, wireframe and Admiral`s Log Picture for my Constitution Class TNG-Refit uploaded about a week ago.

 R5D5 2008-04-08   1.96 MB 423 Comments: 1

Mod.png Delorean Low res textures

(1 vote)

Exactly what it says on the tin, a set of low res textures for the Delorean class for those of that have older computers.

 Admiral_Icehawk 2007-01-02   452.79 KB 353 Comments: 0