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Mod.png New Excelsior Textures

(5 votes)

Some superb textures for a superb ship. I particually like the borg textures, in fact I would go so far as to say they actually look better than the…

 Gavin1701 2006-06-26   1.28 MB 489 Comments: 6

Mod.png new textures for the romulans trading centre and cargo ship

(1 vote)

Following on closely from his other re-textures we now have the romulan trading centre and the trading ship.

 Chiletrek 2006-10-05   590.27 KB 338 Comments: 3

Mod.png Oberth Class Retexture

(3 votes)

This is a retexture of Deemon's Oberth Class which is required to use this mod. You can find it here.

 Jetfreak 2007-09-12   1.25 MB 456 Comments: 2

Mod.png On-line Texture Replacement

(0 votes)

Another installment of Curtis' texture replacements, and yet again, an excellent job - SSA

 Curtis 2006-12-18   1.63 MB 377 Comments: 2

Mod.png Online Mini Texture Pack

(4 votes)

This is another release by Curtis, that changes the planets, federation construction ship, borg cube & diamond.

 Curtis 2006-12-08   4.14 MB 489 Comments: 2

Mod.png Online Texture Pack Final (1.0)

(4 votes)

Another installment by Curtis of the texture-replacements, and as always, some stunning work that better adds to the game experiance.

 Curtis 2006-11-29   6.90 MB 670 Comments: 5

Mod.png Online Texture Replacement Pack 1

(5 votes)

"It does exactly what it says on the tin." To coin a phrase, it really does, but I should add, it does it very well.

 Curtis 2006-11-15   2.21 MB 497 Comments: 1

Mod.png Online Texture Replacement Pack 1 Update

(2 votes)

Original Pack This update changes the Sovereign textures from the previous release, upgrading the ventral facing and generally the entire set of text…

 Curtis 2006-11-16   2.11 MB 563 Comments: 3

Mod.png Online texture replacement pack 2 Pack 2

(4 votes)

This pack contains textures for the Borg Cube, Iwo Jima, Chuq'Beh, Shadow and the Phoenix.

 Curtis 2006-11-19   2.38 MB 569 Comments: 5

Mod.png p81 Intrepid - Texture Modification 1.0

(9 votes)

I've always thought that p81's Intrepid Class, whilst being a great model with really accurate textures, was a little too white/silver to match the mo…

 dan1025 2008-04-23   5.73 MB 594 Comments: 12